American Marketing Association honors Mitra with distinguished award

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Dr. Debanjan Mitra, an associate professor at the Warrington College of Business Administration, will be awarded the American Marketing Association 2011 Excellence in Global Marketing Research Award during the AMA’s Educators’ Conference on Aug. 6 in San Francisco.

The award recognizes the author of an outstanding research article published within the last 10 years, which has significantly added to the understanding of global marketing and has influenced the field of marketing. Dr. Mitra’s winning work was his 2002 article “Whose Culture Matters? Near-Market Knowledge and Its Impact on Foreign Market Entry Timing” that appeared in the Journal of Marketing Research.

Professor Mitra’s research encompasses the antecedents and consequences of quality and innovation with a specific focus on the dynamics of these relationships, the development of organizational, product and personnel quality metrics and an evaluation of the long-term impact on market entry, market performance and customers’ perceptions. He uses theoretical and econometric methods to understand these effects over time and across firms, product categories and brands.

Dr. Mitra has been a professor at the Warrington College of Business Administration since 2003. He earned his Ph.D. in Marketing from NYU’s Stern School of Business.