Cohen puts UF over the top as Gators sweep ACR Awards

Gainesville, Fla. – In an unprecedented turn of events within the world of academe, marketing scholars (teaching or trained) at UF swept the recent awards announced at the Association for Consumer Research (ACR) Annual Meeting.

Emeritus Professor Joel B. Cohen and Americus Reed (PhD 2000), Whitney M. Young, Jr. Associate Professor of Marketing at Wharton, were named winners of the JCR 2009 Best Article Award for their article entitled “A Multiple Pathway Anchoring and Adjustment (MPAA) Model of Attitude Generation and Recruitment.”

Cohen had two other papers in the same issue of the Journal of Consumer Research, the leading scholarly journal in the field of consumer research. The first was a commentary (also with Reed) in response to invited companion papers to Cohen & Reed’s lead article by other noted attitude researchers. The second (with ex-UF PhD student Lisa Bolton and, Paul Bloom, a colleague at Duke), has been named one of the most cited JCR papers in US media in recent years.

UF’s Chris Janiszewski, in his role as president of the ACR, was astounded when the announcements were made. Janiszewski said it was “a great day for the Gators.”

“Gators won best published paper in JCR (Cohen), best competitive paper (UF doctoral candidate Dan King) and best dissertation (Juliano Laran, PhD 2008),“ Janiszewski noted. “The fact that we won the top three awards is unprecedented; I am not sure if it has happened in the past (no one keeps records), but it is unlikely. We swept the awards. Add in that Joe (Alba) was named an ACR Fellow, and it was a banner day for UF.”

Professor Cohen’s research examines the impact of cognitive and affective processes on judgment, attitude and choice. He has also worked extensively on public policy and regulatory issues in marketing and advertising, as well as several areas of health policy, including conducting and evaluating research for the National Cancer Institute, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the Federal Trade Commission, the Food and Drug Administration and the Attorney General of Canada. He is also a past president of the Association for Consumer Research and former editor of the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing.