UF SIFE members participate in “Foster Teens”
UF SIFE members participate in “Foster Teens” where they provide vital, real-life skills to aging foster children.

UF SIFE claims another regional championship

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The Students in Free Enterprise team (SIFE) at the Heavener School of Business in the Warrington College of Business Administration earned its 13th consecutive regional title at the 2012 SIFE USA Regional Competition on April 2 in Atlanta.

UF SIFE’s victory in the League 3 division qualified the team for the 2012 SIFE USA National Exposition on May 22-24 in Kansas City, Mo.
In addition to submitting an annual report, project verification form, team data sheet and active team sheet, teams are judged on a 24-minute live presentation documenting the projects they engaged in during the year. Judges, considering the relevant economic, social and environmental concepts, decide which team most effectively empowered people in need by applying business and economic concepts and an entrepreneurial approach to improve their quality of life and standard of living.

UF SIFE participated in 22 projects this past academic year that amassing 6,448 volunteer hours and impacting the lives of 5,751 people in the Warrington and UF communities. UF SIFE’s projects spanned initiatives in entrepreneurship, ethics, financial literacy and success skills. Among the team’s outstanding projects were “Foster Teens,” where UF SIFE members taught foster children aging out of the system the skills necessary to live independently and create their future opportunities; Student Business Incubator, which provides tailored guidance and support for student entrepreneurs; and “Dollars and Sense,” which educates high school students on fundamental personal finance topics empowering them to live fiscally safer lives.

UF SIFE was founded in 2000 with only 10 students, but now has 65 SIFE leaders and more than 800 volunteers. SIFE leaders are energized by making a difference and improving lives in our local community. UF SIFE is fortunate to have a large network of supportive Business Advisory Board members who assist in projects and provide valuable training on topics such as Effective Delegation, Measuring Results, and Team Management.