Warrington professors receive College’s teaching awards

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The Warrington College of Business Administration honored five of its professors with its 2012-13 Teaching Awards.

BB& T Professor of Free Enterprise Dr. David Brown and Communication Lecturer Dr. Dorothy McCawley were recipients of the Graduate Teaching Awards. Finance Lecturer Dr. John Banko, Luciano Prida, Sr. Term Assistant Professor Dr. Marcus Kirk and Real Estate Lecturer Dr. Kent Malone received the Undergraduate Teaching Awards.

“There were a number of excellent nominees in all categories so choosing the winners was challenging,” said Senior Associate Dean & Director of the Hough Graduate School of Business Dr. S. Selcuk Erenguc. “The College is fortunate to have such a pervasive level of excellence in its teaching and advising activity.”

Dr. David Brown: Dr. Brown has spent more than 25 years at Warrington, joining the faculty as an Assistant Professor of Finance in 1986, then becoming an Associate Professor in 1993. At the graduate level, he teaches Capitalism, Capital Markets and Regulation, Fixed Income Security Valuation and Interest Rate Risk Management. In addition to his teaching and research duties, Dr. Brown has served as the Director of the Master of Science in Finance Program (The William R. Hough Program). Dr. Brown earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Tulane University in 1981 and received his Master of Arts in Economics (1983) and Ph.D. in Economics (1986) from Washington University (Mo.).

Dr. Dorothy McCawley: Dr. McCawley, an 18-year veteran of entrepreneurship, is the Written Communication Coordinator for the Center for Management Communication. Dr. McCawley has developed and taught writing courses for students in the fields of sociology, medicine, gerontology, psychology, and communication sciences and disorders. Over the last nine years at the Hough Graduate School of Business, she has taught Professional Writing and Advanced Business Writing to graduate students. Dr. McCawley received five academic degrees from the University of Florida: Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (1979), MBA/Master of Health Science (1985), Master of Arts in Sociology (1990) and a Ph.D. in Sociology (2000). She also earned a Master of Pastoral Studies from Loyola University (La.) in 1990.

Dr. John Banko: Dr. Banko has served as a Finance Lecturer at Warrington since 2007. At the undergraduate level, he teaches all of the finance courses, focusing recently on Financial Management and Financial Modeling. Before arriving at Warrington, Dr. Banko served as an Assistant Professor at Northern Illinois University and a Lecturer of Finance at the University of Central Florida. He is a CFA charter holder and serves as the program coordinator for college’s relationship with the CFA Institute as a CFA Program Partner. His research has been published in leading finance journals including the Journal of Business and Financial Management. Dr. Banko received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Finance (1990) and a Ph.D. in Finance (2003) from the Warrington College of Business Administration.

Dr. Marcus Kirk: Dr. Kirk has served at the Fisher School of Accounting since 2009 and is currently the Luciano Prida, Sr. Term Assistant Professor of Accounting. Dr. Kirk has written numerous articles and made frequent presentations examining how corporate managers use discretion in their financial reporting, particularly voluntary disclosure decisions, and the capital market consequences of these decisions. At the undergraduate level, Dr. Kirk teaches the course Financial Accounting and Reporting I. In addition to his teaching and research, Dr. Kirk has served on Fisher’s Accounting Faculty Recruiting Committee, Doctoral Program Committee and as its Research Workshop Coordinator. Dr. Kirk earned a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Victoria (Canada) and a Ph.D. in Accounting from Emory University in 2009.

Dr. Kent Malone: Dr. Malone has been a Real Estate Lecturer at Warrington since 2010. At the undergraduate level, he teaches Real Estate Analysis and Real Estate Investment Decision Making. Before arriving at Warrington, Dr. Malone enjoyed a diverse career in the real estate industry in the Tampa Bay area, including commercial real estate brokerage and mortgage lending, residential development, and teaching over 3,500 real estate sales and broker licensing candidates as a licensed instructor for a large, proprietary real estate school. Dr. Malone earned four academic degrees from the University of Florida: Bachelor of Arts in Human Communication Processes (1992), Master of Science in Real Estate (2004), Master of Science in Building Construction (2007) and a Ph.D. in Design, Construction and Planning (2010).