Colquitt appointed Editor of top management journal

Gainesville, Fla. – Jason Colquitt, the McClatchy Professor of Management, has been appointed editor of Academy of Management Journal (AMJ). AMJ is regularly ranked among the most prestigious journals by management department scholars, is considered a top-tier outlet in every management department of AAU-business schools, and boasts one of the highest journal impact factors (IF=7.67) of any business journal.

Colquitt is currently an associate editor of AMJ and will serve his three-year term as editor starting next year. AMJ serves as the primary outlet for empirical management research for the Academy of Management, which, at 20,000 members, is the world’s largest association of management scholars. Jeff LePine, Darden Restaurants Diversity Management Professor, serves as associate editor of Academy of Management Review, another top-tier outlet and the Academy of Management’s journal for theoretical research.

Since joining UF’s management department in 1999, Colquitt has published more than 50 articles, and has won field-level awards from the Organizational Behavior Division (the largest division) of the Academy of Management, and Div. 14 of the American Psychological Association. Colquitt was granted the 2004 Ernest J. McCormick Award for Distinguished Early Career Contributions Award from the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists (SIOP). The single most prestigious award conferred by SIOP, scholars are eligible for the McCormick Award up to and including their sixth year of academic employment. Two other members of UF’s Micro Group have also won the McCormick Award: Tim Judge (McKethan-Matherly Eminent Scholar of Management) in 1995 and Jeff LePine (2004).

Jason Colquitt earned his Ph. D. from Michigan State University in 1999. According to Google Scholar, his research has been cited more than 3,500 times.