The constriction site with mounds of dirt and construction equipment will be the home of the new Amazon delivery station
The future home of the Amazon delivery station, 7440 Commercial Circle in St. Lucie County, is pictured July 31, 2019. (Photo: LINDSEY LEAKE / TCPALM)

Florida’s St. Lucie County braces for ‘Amazon effect,’ but is that a good thing?

Anuj Kumar

Commercial Circle in St. Lucie County, just west of Fort Pierce, Florida, will soon be home to a new Amazon delivery station. While the e-commerce giant says the warehouse will create 200-300 jobs in the area, Dr. Anuj Kumar, Matherly Professor of Information Systems and Operations Management, notes that it might do more harm than good for local businesses.

See what Dr. Kumar had to say about the effects of the Amazon warehouse on the local business community in a story from TCPalm, a USA Today newspaper.