Jeff Danso

Warrington hires new diversity, equity, inclusion program manager

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The Warrington College of Business is proud to announce Jeff Danso as the college’s inaugural Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Program Manager.

“We’re thrilled to have Jeff join our DEI efforts here at Warrington,” said Dr. Robert Thomas, Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion. “In his role in the UF MBA program, he’s been instrumental in developing underrepresented student population weekends and other programs that have placed UF MBA squarely in the headlights of underrepresented students who would not have previously considered UF for their MBA. We hope to tap his experience to both increase numbers of underrepresented students throughout all of our programs and enhance the experience of all Warrington students during their time on campus.”

In his role, Danso will be responsible for promoting diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and goals across Warrington as well as increasing diverse representation across all levels of the college, from faculty to staff to students. Some examples of Danso’s initiatives include:

  • Working with the college’s marketing & communications team to update the college’s DEI website and promote DEI activities within the college
  • Partnering with the college’s schools to recruit at high schools as well as developing a mentoring program for current underrepresented minority students and Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars
  • Coordinating and supervising summer high school outreach programs
  • Creating welcome campaigns for underrepresented minority students
  • Partnering with UF’s Department of Multicultural and Diversity Affairs to promote an inclusive environment

As with any new role, Danso recognizes there will be unknowns he must face, but he is looking forward to the work he’ll do to assist students.

“While there are inevitable challenges, there are also opportunities, opportunities that I hope really will impact the experience of our underrepresented students in a massively positive way,” Danso said. “There’s also been a ton of support that has poured in from many Warrington colleagues I have never met, so I’m excited to meet them all and collaborate going forward.”

Danso also has goals focused on highlighting and celebrating all identities across Warrington as well as increasing the presence the college has within the Gainesville community in order to play a role in repairing the pipeline issue for many underrepresented students.

Overall, Danso is most looking forward to actualizing the initial goal of the DEI program – to move inclusion forward at the Warrington College of Business.

“I’d like for students who may have for whatever reason, felt disconnected to Warrington, or that their identity(ies) were not valued, appreciated, or welcomed, to no longer feel this way to propel the culture of inclusion forward,” he said. “My goal is to assist Warrington leadership in imbedding DEI in all the work we do going forward. Most importantly, I want our underrepresented students to feel like they can be their whole selves within every corner of our college. That happens when we embrace (fully) a culture of inclusion for all identities.”

Danso was previously Assistant Director of Admissions for the UF MBA Full-Time Program. Prior to his time at Warrington, Danso was Assistant Director of Student Support Services at the University of Florida as well as the Program Coordinator for the First Year Experience & University Orientation at The Ohio State University. At Ohio State, he was also responsible for developing a successful summer outreach program for underrepresented populations.

Danso earned his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and master’s degree in higher education administration from the University of Massachusetts Lowell.