Fisher School makes great gains in new PAR ranking

Gainesville, Fla. – The Fisher School of Accounting has one the most admired undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs in the U.S., according to the 28th Annual Survey of Accounting Professors published by Public Accounting Report (PAR).

The Fisher School earned the distinction of the largest upward move on the undergraduate rankings, jumping from #21 last year to #10 in this year’s rankings. Florida also made the biggest move (compared to last year) in the graduate rankings, from # 21 to No. 13 in the grad rankings.

Fisher School Director Gary McGill stated, “I am always pleased to have external rankings support what we already know about the high quality of our students, faculty, staff, and programs.”

In addition to overall rankings, PAR now classifies programs based on size of accounting faculty (large, medium, small); Florida falls into the medium size group (although UF graduates as many students as most programs in the large faculty size group). In this ranking, Fisher is ranked #1 (undergraduate) and #2 (graduate).

Here are the highlights:

Overall Ranking

Undergraduate: #10
Graduate: #13
PhD Ranking (Research Preparation): #23
PhD Ranking (Teaching Preparation): #21

Among Publics:
Undergraduate: #7
Graduate: #10
PhD (Research): #14
PhD (Teaching): #15

Medium size faculty (public & private):
Undergraduate: #1
Graduate: #2

More than 1,900 accounting educators participated in this year’s survey.