Florida Corporate Alliance Scholarship

The University of Florida MBA Program will provide 20 of the state’s top business people with full scholarships to attend its nationally ranked MBA program. Through the Florida Corporate Alliance Scholarship (FCAS) program, 20 highly qualified businessmen and women can attend UF’s One-year Traditional MBA Program at no cost to them or their employer. It’s an incredible ROI for businesses and rising corporate stars.

Alex Sevilla, director of Executive and Professional MBA Programs, stated, “The Florida Corporate Alliance Scholarship is an opportunity for the Florida MBA Program to fulfill its mission of developing future business leaders-an alliance that will promote economic growth in the state by raising the level of managerial skills of professionals throughout Florida. This scholarship program will also assist in our State’s efforts to keep our most talented professionals right here in Florida.”

Students who receive the FCAS earn their MBA in 12 months, and can specialize their degree in finance, marketing, competitive strategy, information technology, supply chain management, and many other areas. Students awarded the FCA Scholarship will begin the One-Year Traditional MBA “Option A” program in April 2005 and graduate in May 2006. Graduates return to the workforce in one short year with the acumen they need to assume leadership roles in Florida’s businesses.

“What’s unique about the [One-year MBA “Option A”] program is that it allows students the opportunity to focus on their education and minimize time lost from their career during vital, productive work years. That’s a benefit to both the students and Florida businesses,” said Dean John Kraft of UF’s Warrington College of Business Administration.