Large group of people listening to a presentation in the Business for Good Lab.

Networking on purpose: How B corps are creating connections and building their community in the Southeast U.S.

“While B Corps are now a global network of more than 3,500 companies, they are still a relatively new concept in some regions of the United States and the world where people are less familiar with businesses operating as a force for good. To raise local awareness and build regional business networks, B Corp leaders across the U.S. and Canada are forming B Local organizations that tap into community strengths and establish a foundation for future growth,” writes Christopher Marquis in Forbes. 

Marquis spoke with alumnus Jared Meyers (BSBA ’98), Chairman of Legacy Vacation Resorts and Salt Palm Development in Florida and one of the founders of Florida for Good, about B Corps, and how the University of Florida’s Business for Good Lab has been successful in educating students about B Corps and helping businesses improve their impact and become B Corps.

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