UF MBA integrates iPad into Distance Learning curriculum

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – UF MBA’s commitment to innovation and providing its students with the latest in technology education has been strengthened with the awarding of the Apple iPad to every UF MBA Internet candidate.

More than 100 iPads were presented to Internet MBA students this winter and another 60 are projected to be given this summer.

“Since 1999, the University of Florida has been a pioneer in distance learning MBA programs,” said Alex Sevilla, Assistant Dean and Director of UF MBA Programs. “Our commitment to innovation has always been one of the hallmarks of our Internet MBA Program. Integrating the iPad into our Internet MBA curriculum and teaching design strategy allows us to deliver an innovative solution to our students. It takes their learning experience to an entirely new level of form, function and application of knowledge. “

The addition of the iPad to UF MBA’s catalog of resources will enable students to access UF MBA’s curriculum at their convenience and enhance their learning experience. After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback when UF MBA provided Apple iPods to students, incorporating the iPad into the program was the next logical step.

“Our students are busy business professionals,” said Eric Olson, Director of Information Technology and Distance Learning at the Warrington College of Business Administration. “The iPad is a tool that best fits the profile of our MBA students. It’s light—it weighs only 1.5 pounds—and you can use it on the go. With the 3G service, you can study while waiting in an airport or while you’re waiting for an interview or appointment. That high mobility factor is an area that fits our student profile beautifully.”

UF MBA and the Warrington College of Business Administration, one of the first fully-accredited business schools to offer an online MBA degree, have long been users of Apple technology utilizing the company’s hi-tech advances for years. UF MBA has employed iTunes and the iPod allowing students to view video lectures anytime on a convenient delivery platform. The program also uses MacPro computers including Final Cut Pro 7 to edit video lectures and GarageBand to add chapters to those lectures.

UF MBA is one of the world’s recognized leaders in distance learning. It was ranked as one of the world’s top two Internet programs by The Economist in its “Which MBA?” Distance-Learning Special 2010. UF MBA measured excellent in overall rating, program content and effectiveness of distance-learning elements. The program also has a 95-percent completion rate, an incredible mark considering the significant attrition associated with distance-learning programs.

UF MBA has two Internet Program options. The One-Year Option is a 16-month accelerated program for business degree majors who earned their undergraduate degrees within the past seven years. The Two-Year Option lasts 27 months and is open to any undergraduate degree major.

For more information, visit floridamba.ufl.edu/online/.