UF MBA ranks among world’s best

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The Florida MBA program was named #17 among US public schools in the 2006 edition of the annual Which MBA? guide. Published by The Economist Intelligence Unit, it provides background information on the worldʹs Top 100 MBA programs. Overall, the Florida MBA was ranked #40 in the US, and #78 in the world. In 2005, Florida was ranked #80 worldwide. Here are some highlights:

  • Faculty quality: 4th among US Publics and 9th worldwide
  • Education experience: 4th among US Publics and 23rd worldwide
  • Internationalism of alumni: 2nd among US Publics and 13th worldwide
  • Breadth of alumni network: 6th among US Publics and 34th worldwide
  • Jobs found through Career Services: 9th among US Publics and 30th worldwide
  • Potential to network: 8th among US Publics and 39th worldwide

The Economist Intelligence Unit rankings offer a distinctive methodology and features. For nearly 20 years, the EIU has surveyed MBA students about the reasons they earn an MBA, and these factors are the basis for the ranking. The EIU has identified four factors that consistently emerge:

  • To open new career opportunities and/or further current career
  • Personal development and educational experience
  • To increase salary
  • The potential to network

The Economist Intelligence Unit ranking, therefore, reflects a program’s ability to deliver these elements to students, as these factors are weighted according to the average importance given to it by students surveyed over the past five years. The EIU differs from other rankings in several important areas, most importantly, it is more student‐centric; it measures the way schools meet the demands students have of an MBA program.

To qualify for inclusion in the Economist Intelligence Unit rankings, schools with full‐time MBA programs that responded to the survey had to meet various thresholds of data provision, as well as attaining a minimum number of responses from current students and recent graduates (within the last three years). Close to 20,000 students and graduates participated.

The Florida MBA Program is recognized internationally for excellence, ranked by U.S.News & World Report, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal. For the complete listings and other rankings, see our website at: www.floridamba.ufl.edu/rankings.asp.