Warrington on Businessweek top 50 undergraduate program list

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The Warrington College of Business earned a Top 50 spot in the inaugural Businessweek Top Undergraduate Programs rankings, released April 27, 2006. Here are some of the highlights:

  • UF’s rankings:
    • Overall among all schools: #47
    • Overall among publics: #20
    • Recruiter ranking: #18
    • SAT score ranking: #20
    • Student satisfaction ranking: #38

The rankings were based on five factors: student surveys (30%); recruiter surveys (20%); graduates’ median starting salaries (10%); number of graduates admitted to 35 top MBA programs (10%); and an academic quality measure (30%). The academic quality measure was determined using the following criteria:

  • Average SAT score for business majors
  • Full-time faculty-student ratio
  • Average class size
  • Percentage of business majors with internships
  • Hours spent on schoolwork each week