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New Finance Ph.D. wins one Finance world’s top prizes

Gainesville, Fla. – Finance grad Brandon Lockhart (PHD, 2009) is the winner the USC Marshall School of Business Trefftzs Award for best student paper. In addition to a $5,000 prize, Lockhart also received a student travel stipend to present his paper, “Adjusting to Target Capital Structure: The effect of credit lines,” at the 2009 Western Finance Association (WFA) meeting, held June 17 – 20, 2009 in San Diego, Calif. According to Lockhart, credit lines play an important role in the

Warrington’s Flannery will visit NY Fed’s Research Department

Gainesville, Fla. – Professor Mark Flannery will be the resident scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for the 2009-10 academic year, beginning in August 2009. Flannery is the BankAmerica Eminent Scholar in Finance at the Warrington College of Business Administration. “Working at the New York Fed’s Research Department will bring me much closer to the center of the financial crisis,” Flannery says, “and to ideas about how to resolve the crisis.” Professor Flannery’s research interests include: government

Faculty: More than enough blame to go around for economic woes

Gainesville, Fla. – More than 700 people, worried about the current economic crisis, gathered on October 2 to hear what a panel of Warrington faculty saw as the “how, why and what happens now?” in the economy. About 500 in attendance had to watch the panel discussion on television from overflow rooms. The discussion was also aired on the College’s website live via webcast and a podcast of the event has had more than 800 hits so far. The expert

Expert panel of UF faculty will discuss the how, the why and what happens now on Financial Crisis of 2008

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Following months of bad news related to the mortgage market, each day in recent weeks has brought alarming financial news. Some analysts suggest this could become the worst economic situation since the Great Depression. This onslaught of bad news has created a lot of questions about what is going on and how it affects the average person. The faculty of the University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business Administration will host a special panel discussion Oct. 2