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Mark Jamison

What is cryptocurrency? | In 60 seconds

Dr. Mark Jamison, Senior Lecturer and Director of the Public Utility Research Center, breaks down what cryptocurrencies are and why everybody is talking about them, all in 60 seconds. Dr. Jamison answers more of your questions like Should cryptocurrencies be regulated? and Is

A bitcoin depicted as a real gold coin with a line graph blurred out in the background

Rumors of Bitcoin’s death are greatly exaggerated

Senior Lecturer and Director of the Public Utility Research Center Mark A. Jamison and alumna Palveshey Weber discuss Bitcoin’s rise and its useful place in the economy. Read their article on RealClearMarkets.

Warrington professors named UF International Educators of the Year

Gainesville, Fla. – Winners were recently announced for UF’s 2007 International Educator of the Year Awards. Warrington is the proud home of two recipients of the College-wide award: Professors Carol West and Mark Jamison. As directors of two of Warrington’s