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Brian Hasson (DBA ’17) | August 2020

Dr. Brian Hasson (DBA 2017) was recently hired as an assistant professor of accounting at Appalachian State University. Previously, he was an assistant professor at Florida Southern College.  “Happy to be in the High Country!” he said. “It’s beautiful here and very much looking forward to contributing to the App State community.” Connect with him on LinkedIn.   

Pursuing a passion

Jeff Casucci always knew he wanted to pursue a career in academia, but there were often reasons to wait. The schools were always far away, the timing was never right. The list of excuses was long. That changed during a conversation with a friend, who is a professor at a local university, one year ago. Casucci brought up his desire to pursue a doctorate and eventually work in academia, and his friend encouraged him to stop wasting time. She was

2nd Annual Inspiring Women Leaders Conference empowers women in the workplace

Women from across the world attended the 2nd Annual Inspiring Women Leaders Conference March 7-8, 2019 at the University of Florida Hilton Conference Center. The UF MBA and UF Doctor of Business Administration programs at Warrington sponsored the event that offered women personal and professional development opportunities for engagement with women leaders across the nation. UF MBA Associate Director of Admissions and conference speaker Naz Erenguc spoke with WCJB, CBS4 and UF Chief Diversity Officer Antonio Farias about the importance

Incivility takes a toll in the workplace, according to new research

Consistent rudeness or incivility at work can do more than hurt self-esteem; it can actually decrease productivity, increase costs, and increase employee turnover. Richard Kuerston (DBA ’18), who has a DBA/MBA and is program director in Emory’s cognitive neurology program, has studied the fallout of this type of negative workplace behavior—and it’s not only blatant disrespect or bullying, but rather, subtle, low-level rudeness that disrupts the norms of the workplace. “Rudeness is a low-intensity, abnormal behavior where the aggressor’s intent

Doctor of Business Administration Class of 2017: Where are they now?

One year ago, this month, the Warrington College of Business Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program conferred the degrees of its inaugural class. Fourteen students received their doctoral degrees as part of the first class, many of which immediately put their education in action as faculty members at higher education institutions across the nation. We checked in with some of the members of the inaugural DBA class, including Dr. Brian Hasson, Dr. Jamey Darnell and Dr. Jose Iglesias, about what