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It’s no secret that Warrington faculty are internationally renowned for their innovative research. The media looks to our scholars for insights and impactful news. See below where our faculty are featured in the news.

Michael Morris

Lisa Etheridge Professor of Entrepreneurship Michael Morris writes a special to The Gainesville Sun about how entrepreneurship empowers people and can help reduce poverty in the local community.

Michael H. Morris: Entrepreneurship can reduce poverty in Gainesville

The Gainesville Sun
Four iPhones lined up with a photo of Aner Sela on the screen of the last one

Assistant Professor of Marketing Aner Sela’s research on comparison neglect shows that few people actually compare features on smart phones unless they are prompted to so do.

Don’t Be Surprised If Apple’s iPhone X Doesn’t Make You Happier

Power pole with blue sky and clouds in the background

Dr. Ted Kury observes that installing power lines underground to prevent outages during hurricanes may not be the magic bullet many are seeking.

After Irma, Florida prepares for days - and maybe weeks - without power

The Washington Post

What challenges do utilities face in restoring service after storms like Irma?


Post-Irma, why not bury all power lines?

Public Broadcasting Atlanta

Half of Irma's power outages restored, but lights still out for 3.3 million Florida homes

The Tampa Bay Times

Would millions in Irma's path still have power if the lines were underground?

The Miami Herald

For utilities, buried lines no 'panacea' to avoid outages

E&E News
Jay R. Ritter

Joe B. Cordell Eminent Scholar Dr. Jay Ritter appeared on Bloomberg TV to discuss Uber’s $62.5 billion valuation.

Uber Valuation Put at $62.5 Billion After a New Investment Round

The New York Times
Boyfriend giving a Christmas present to his happy girlfriend

Yang Yang suggests that economists fail to see in gift giving.

What Economists Fail to See in the Act of Gift-Giving

The Wall Street Journal
Dr. Joyce Bono

Joyce Bono’s research finds that “naturally occurring positive work events and a positive reflection intervention are associated with reduced stress and improved health.”

What to Do When Work Stress Eats Up the Evening

The Wall Street Journal

Want a More Relaxed Evening? Do This Before You Leave Work

The Huffington Post

A Simple Daily Intervention Decreases Employee Stress

Harvard Business Review
Man on vacation, sunbathing and enjoying the view of the Caribbean Sea from the room balcony of a resort hotel in Cancun, Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Assistant Professor of Marketing Yang Yang’s research on how preferences influence prices, but are also influenced by them.

Preferences and Price, or Price and Preferences?

Psychology Today
yang yang

The Atlantic breaks down some of the newest research, including Assistant Professor of Marketing Yang Yang’s “Specification Seeking: How Product Specifications Influence Consumer Preference,” in the Journal of Consumer Research.

Quick Study

The Atlantic
Group of people holding cell phones

Assistant Professor of Marketing Yang Yang shows that consumers are heavily influenced by quantitative specifications, even meaningless ones.

We've Got Your Number: Consumers Choose Products With More Technical Specs

Science Daily
Unrecognizable male customer is holding black DSLR camera in the store. Row of other camera models is visible on the shelf.

Yang Yang’s research shows how we are impressed by product numbers.

Dazzled by digits: how we’re wooed by product specifications

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