Warrington in the News Articles: page 48

It’s no secret that Warrington faculty are internationally renowned for their innovative research. The media looks to our scholars for insights and impactful news. See below where our faculty are featured in the news.

Hand holding Wall Street street sign in palm.

As the number of declining IPOs means small investors may get shut out of lucrative deals, Cordell Eminent Scholar Jay Ritter shares his thoughts about why he isn’t concerned about the growth of private markets or the decline in IPOs.

The Death of the IPO

The Atlantic
A woman sits in the back of a car, possibly a rideshare, looking at her mobile phone. The lights of New York City streak past.

Vanity Fair cited research from Cordell Eminent Scholar Jay Ritter to show how frequently companies listed without being profitable in the year before their IPO.

Is Uber really a $120 billion company?

Vanity Fair
A fallen tree on top of downed power lines

Director of Energy Studies Ted Kury writes why burying power lines to secure them from natural disasters might not be the best solution.

Why doesn't the US bury its power lines?

The Conversation
Graph with multiple data points going up and down

Cordell Eminent Scholar Jay Ritter discusses the trend of companies losing money in the months leading up to their IPO.

Why more money-losing companies than ever are going public

Nuclear power plant next to a field

Ted Kury, director of energy studies at the Public Utility Research Center, explains why nuclear power stations must take precautions during big storms.

Nuclear reactors in hurricanes: 5 questions answered

The Conversation
Successful young businessman walking quickly

Yang Yang’s research finds there is an inherent flaw in the human condition; we choose urgent and unimportant tasks over those tasks that are deemed more important, that require more time and effort to complete.

Urgency Bias Is Wrecking Your Ability To Lead

Sticky post with handwriting the word Later stick on alarm clock on solid yellow background with copy space using as procrastination, self discipline or laziness concept.

Research from Assistant Professor of Marketing Yang Yang about why we procrastinate when we have long deadlines.

Why We Procrastinate When We Have Long Deadlines

Harvard Business Review
Fitness retail store merchandise

With the prevalence of off-price retail stores like Macy’s Backstage, TJ Maxx and Marshalls, William R. Hough Faculty Fellow Dr. Anuj Kumar wonders if off-price retail might do more harm than good to regularly priced merchandise in this article from the Tampa Bay Times.

Is the future of department stores off-price? Macy’s Backstage opens in Tampa

The Tampa Bay Times
Group of people holding cell phones

Public Utility Research Center Director Mark Jamison explores companies sharing data.

How should Facebook and other companies protect privacy while letting people share their information between apps and services?

Upward view of large power lines

Director of Energy Studies Ted Kury explains why securing the U.S. energy grid is paramount, but that’s easier said than done.

Russians hacked into America’s electric grid. Here’s why securing it is hard.

The Conversation