Looking up at Century Tower between green trees and azaleas.

Warrington Spring 2021 Course Plans

In early October, the University shared that it will offer as many face-to-face classes in the spring of 2021 as it did in the spring of 2020. I’d like to explain exactly what that means for you as a Warrington student. 

Beginning in January,

  • MBA, DBA and Ph.D. courses will follow the same structure as they did in the fall semester 
  • Undergraduate and some specialized master’s students will have expanded options for how they attend their classes

Undergraduate and some specialized master’s students will have the choice of attending class in person or online, with a limited number of seats available for in-person sections. We encourage you to choose the style of learning that works best for you and want to ensure you that if you decide to attend in person, classrooms are physically distanced according to CDC guidelines, rigorously cleaned on a daily basis and face coverings are still required for everyone inside our buildings and outside when 6-feet of distance can’t be maintained. 

While many of you will have the option to attend your classes in person, physical distancing requirements limit the number of students who can be in a classroom at one time. Therefore, many of you will attend class online. Registration for in-person classes will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

  • Please visit our Warrington COVID website for more information about course delivery options and program specific updates for January 2021.

For some of you, continuing your classes online might be exactly what you hoped for, but we understand if you are eager to get back into the classroom physically. We, too, look forward to the day when your energy once again radiates at full force across campus. Until it is reasonable for us to do so, our faculty and staff are working tirelessly to provide you with options on how you consume the quality education and on-campus experiential learning programs you expect from Warrington, all within the safety guidelines of the CDC. 

While these may seem like small steps, every step we take is forward. We wouldn’t have been able to do so without your phenomenal adaptability, flexibility and determination to progress onward during these unprecedented times. Thank you for all your efforts.

Go Gators, 

Saby Mitra


Warrington College of Business