• Richard Lutz holds a drill in the front of a classroom
  • Variety of Warrington College of Business t-shirts
  • Gator Ubiquity

9 signs you’re a UF Warrington alumnus

What are some of the experiences that made your time at the UF Warrington College of Business memorable? Here’s a look at some fun moments only a Business Gator can relate to…

  1. Because of Dr. Lutz, you’ve never forgotten the difference between features and benefits.

    Lutz drilling-a-hole-in-a-book-demo

    The drilling-a-hole-in-a-book-demo helped the lesson stick.

  2. You have been in a class taught by College leadership.

    Gary McGill, Selcuk Erenguc, Horace Tucker, John Kraft, Alex Sevilla

    Thank you to Dean Kraft, Heavener Associate Director Horace Tucker, Associate Deans Erenguc, McGill, Sevilla and others.

  3. Dr. Rush helped form your foundation for microeconomics.

    Mark Rush teaching class

    “Oh, Director…”

  4. You know at least one classmate who has started a new business because of Professor Rossi’s inspiration.

    Professor Rossi in class

    After all, he taught more than 18,000 students in 15 years.

  5. You’ve studied abroad.

    Browsing travel abroad social media

    Or you have enjoyed looking at the pictures of all your friends traveling.

  6. You’ve spent many hours in Emerson Courtyard studying.

    Emerson Courtyard timelapse

    …and also talking with your friends.

  7. Mexican food has often sustained you during long study sessions.

    Burrito Brothers GUAC Neon Sign

    Thank you, Burrito Brothers.

  8. You left UF with at least one shirt representing your college.

    Variety of Warrington College of Business t-shirts

    And with an alumni base of 65,000+, you’re likely not the only one sporting your college’s attire.

  9. You’re proud to be a Business Gator from the University of Florida and are determined to help change the world for the Gator (greater) good.

    Gator Ubiquity sculpture

    Go Gators!