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An impactful healthcare career

When Graham Cherrington graduated with his bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois in 1984, he faced a tough choice – try to enter a down job market or pursue his MBA. Earning an MBA was always part of his plan, but he initially saw that happening through a weekend program later in his career. Instead, a strong GMAT score and a worsening job market pushed him to pursue his MBA. Once the decision was made, there wasn’t much doubt

Young Alumni Spotlight: Jade Skarda

Jade Mulvaney Skarda always looks forward to one specific part of her annual reviews at Deloitte. The review includes normal questions about performance and goals, but at the end, there’s always a question about what Deloitte refers to as “people contributions,” an important part of its evaluation process. It focuses on how employees are investing in others and building up employees in the organization. It doesn’t come natural for many, but for Skarda (BSBA ’16, MS-ISOM ’17), it’s a passion

MBAs share their missed opportunities and what you should be sure to take advantage of as a student

Many doors of opportunity open up when you make the decision to pursue an MBA. With so many opportunities available, like classes, professional development programs, and recruiting and networking events, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the choices. To streamline the opportunities available to you at UF MBA, we asked four alumni to share what they wish they would have taken advantage of during their time in the program as well as their recommendations for what you should be sure

How a Master of Science in Management broadened this advertising student’s skill set

Monique Atkinson recently completed her Master of Science in Management (MSM) from the University of Florida. Atkinson (MSM ’20) is now working for General Dynamics Information Technology in Acquisition Compliance. We spoke with her about her MSM journey and how the program helped her broaden her skill set. Q: Tell us about yourself Atkinson: “Hello! My name is Monique Atkinson. I am originally from Miami, Florida, was raised by a huge family, and am proudly a first-generation graduate. I recently

The biggest education company you’ve never heard of

Warrington alumnus Ethan Fieldman (BSBA ’03) shares about his journey from tutor at UF to starting Study Edge, which now serves a million students a month and has contracts with some 700 universities. Learn more about Fieldman and how his company facilitates learning for college and high school students in this story from Forbes. 

Warrington Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate Department named in honor of retired professor Eugene F. Brigham

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The University of Florida Warrington College of Business proudly announces the naming of its Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate Department in recognition of Eugene F. Brigham for his extraordinary philanthropy and lifetime of professional achievement in the world of finance education. With approval from the UF Board of Trustees, the department is now officially the Eugene F. Brigham Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate Department. Brigham, who began his career at the University of Florida as a finance

Member of first Online MIB class shares her insights and experiences in the program

Last fall, the Master of International Business (MIB) program launched its online degree option. The first group of students from the Online MIB program graduated this summer. Leia Wojciechowski is one such student. Wojciechowski now works at EY in Assurance. She shared her online experiences with us in this story. Q: Please tell is about your background and what led you to do the Online MIB program. Wojciechowski: “I completed my undergrad in accounting at the Fisher School of Accounting

Prepared for opportunity

Dave Carmany’s business studies started long before he came to the University of Florida. The Central Florida-native watched his father build the family custom label printing business, Consolidated Label, from the ground up and had even worked there in his high school years. While Carmany (BSBA ’97) envisioned eventually returning to the family business after gaining a few years of outside experience, the internet revolution quickly changed his plans, many would say, for the better. “In 1995, the internet hit,

Alumnus’ trek across Ecuador volcano range raises $160K for mental health charities

In early March, Nick Schumann (BA ’06, MBA’ 12) joined 80 of his colleagues from HSBC for a charity event in Ecuador that would have been impossible had it happened any later in 2020. As COVID-19 spread across the world and governments responded by implementing travel restrictions, Schumann feels fortunate to have been able to go on the trip and make it back to the United States in time.   “Given COVID, we were incredibly lucky with the trip’s timing,”

“I think I just emailed the entire university”

If you didn’t know the name James Martinez, or maybe James Martin (a moniker mistakenly bestowed upon him in one of the many, many reply all messages), before Monday, you likely do now. The Data Engineering Manager at UF IT skyrocketed to fame among the University of Florida community and beyond as the sender of the accidental mass email that he estimates was sent out to about 100,000-plus people. The email addressed an issue regarding lost access among certain IT professionals