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What career types can benefit from an MBA?

Business acumen is pervasive throughout many industries and there are numerous career paths that can benefit from adding business knowledge to their repertoire. While individuals from all educational and career backgrounds can benefit from an MBA, we asked UF MBA alumni with backgrounds in medicine, law, engineering, communications, STEM and the military to share why an MBA was right for them.  Read on to see what UF MBA alumni in each of these fields had to say about how an

Taking an accounting degree to the music industry

Patrick Templeman graduated from the Fisher School of Accounting with a passion for accounting and the music industry. Today, he blends those two passions together as a Managing Director at PS Business Management, where the company provides “concierge level accounting services” to some of the biggest names in music. The firm does tax prep and planning for artists like The Who, the Arctic Monkeys, Lizzo, Billie Eilish, Leon Bridges, Maggie Rogers and many others, but tax prep is only the

Leading the Next Generation

As a young girl, Cheryl Cook watched her father, a NASA engineer, working many Apollo missions. This ignited in her a great passion for technology, a passion that would drive her to study computer science at the University of Florida, fuel an outstanding career in technology, and propel her as a vocal advocate for women in technology. As a University of Florida student, Cook (BSBA ’85) divided her time between Tri-Delta sorority functions, jam-packed with fellow women students, and late-night

Meet the women of the UF Doctor of Business Administration

This Women’s History Month, the Warrington College of Business is honored to highlight just a few of our incredible female Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) alumni and students. Read about the impactful research of women across multiple UF DBA classes, why they joined the program and how it’s helping them achieve their professional and personal goals. Class of 2017  Jennifer Cainas | Clinical Professor | University of South Florida – Main Campus Dissertation – “The Impact of CEO Regulatory Focus

How a specialized master’s degree can strengthen your future

Are you considering applying to a specialized master’s degree? You’re not alone. Over the last few years, the Warrington College of Business has experienced an impressive growth in its applicants for our specialized master’s programs, as well as our degree types. Recently, we hosted a panel of four alumni from our master’s programs to learn about their Warrington experience, as well as their decision to pursue an advanced degree. We hosted Mitch McManaman (Master of Science in Entrepreneurship, Class of

How can a business education help you run a plastic surgery practice?

Andy Lord: So, tell me about San Diego. I guess Ron Burgundy would say, “Stay classy, San Diego.” Amber Yoo: Yes. [Laughing] Lord: We Are Warrington is a new podcast that helps young business leaders discover what is possible by highlighting stories from the Warrington College of Business Community about the University of Florida experience, business industry insights, innovative research and more. I’m your host, Andy Lord. Today’s guest is Amber Yoo. Amber is a double gator who earned her bachelor’s

UF Warrington alumni taking intracity travel to new heights

Adam Goldstein (BSBA ’01) and Brett Adcock (BSBA ’08) are what you might call serial problem solvers. Over the decade they have been working together, the duo has built multiple businesses that endeavor to overcome challenges in our world. Their last company, Vettery, founded in 2013, sought to reinvent the traditional recruiting process by connecting highly qualified technology, sales and finance candidates directly with hiring managers through an automated system. Before Goldstein and Adcock sold the company in 2018 for

‘It’s intense’: four students reflect on doing an online MBA

The pandemic has added to the pressures, but Zoom chats with classmates help lighten the load. UF MBA Online alumnus Benjamin Castro (BSBA ’15, MBA ’20) shares about his experience in the program in this story from the Financial Times. 

A lifetime of impact

Ask Jim Richardson’s former students about their professor, and they all rave about the same qualities. His lectures were engaging, his coursework helped them learn, and his career advice helped them make important decisions. But the one thing they all mention? The personal relationships he built that lasted long after their final exams. Richardson made sure that his classes were more than a box to check before graduation. They often turned into a lifelong bond between teacher and student. Richardson’s

10 business influencers you should follow right now

Looking for new sources of business inspiration and insights? Check out these recommendations for business influencers and why it’s beneficial for you to follow them, according to students, alumni, faculty and staff across the Warrington College of Business. 1. Barbara Corcoran @barbaracorcoran on Twitter @barbaracorcoran on Instagram “I recommend following Barbara Corcoran on Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok. Barbara posts a variety of content relating to business advice, encouragement, and hilarious business-related memes. Someone interested in entrepreneurship will definitely benefit from