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The vital component that truly elevates the Warrington College of Business into prominence is its talented faculty. UF Warrington’s faculty are world-renowned for their difference-making, thought-provoking and leading research and are consistently recognized in their industries and academia for their work, all of which you can read about here. See the most recent news about UF Warrington’s faculty and research below.

12 business podcasts you should listen to, according to the Warrington community

Faculty, staff and alumni from the Warrington College of Business shared their recommendations for podcasts you should be sure to check out. See their selections and what you’ll get out of listening to each in the list below. StartUp From Gimlet Media “I recommend an excellent podcast for business folks: Startup. They should start from day 1 and listen on. It goes through a life of many startups while the podcast itself is a startup of its founder who left his

Wall Street’s hottest financing tool makes me worry about the market

Shaq, Playboy and Nikola are all on the blank-check bandwagon, part of a boom in SPACs that is unsettling to Wall Street Journal reporter James Mackintosh. Mackintosh spoke with Cordell Eminent Scholar Chair Jay Ritter to get his assessment of SPACs, which offer a simpler and quicker alternative to an IPO for private companies that otherwise face prodigious amounts of paperwork to list. Read more in this story from The Wall Street Journal. 

Product Lineups: The More You Search, The Less You Find

Consumers often search for a product that matches a previously encountered option, without knowing its exact name. Whether we watch an advertisement but fail to register the product’s name, see admired others using a product but are reluctant or unable to ask for details, or briefly experience a high quality product, we often later find ourselves looking, either online or in the store, for the specific product we encountered before. In the process, we typically browse through a sequence of

Latinos in Business series highlights work of Heavener Associate Dean and Director Alex Sevilla

The Latino Business Speakers Bureau recently featured Dr. Alex Sevilla, associate dean and director of the Heavener School of Business. In the past year, the Heavener School has created a new career center for UF’s undergraduate business students, developed an innovative curricular focus on career and leadership skills, expanded its programs and offerings, and increased corporate engagement and recruitment on campus. Learn more about Dr. Sevilla’s work at UF as well as his personal journey in this interview.

Pandemic markets can find lessons in history

A new research paper by Gustavo Cortes of the University of Florida and Gertjan Verdickt of Monash University suggests that the Spanish flu was a “blessing in disguise” for American life insurers. Read more in this story by John Authers from Bloomberg. 

Should Big Tech be broken up? | NTD Business

The House Judiciary Committee released its Big Tech Antitrust Report on Tuesday. NTD Business News spoke with Public Utility Research Center Director and Gunter Professor Dr. Mark Jamison about the report and how the upcoming election could affect any legislation that the report anticipates. 

Were Palantir and Asana’s direct listings better for the unicorns than a traditional IPO?

Palantir and Asana, two tech unicorns, recently joined the public markets. Both companies utilized direct listings, which are seen as a challenge to traditional IPOs. Cordell Eminent Scholar Chair Jay Ritter shares his insights on IPOs and direct listings in this story from Quartz. 

IPOs are Broken

IPOs have become an exceedingly expensive way to raise money, Eric J. Savitz of Barron’s argues. IPO expert and Cordell Eminent Scholar Chair Jay Ritter weighs in on the topic (subscription required).

Initial Impact of COVID-19 on Florida Commercial Real Estate Operations

This is a chart analysis using the same data from the previous COVID-19 paper1 to focus specifically on the state of Florida and further focus on selected metropolitan areas. We should expect that as the samples get smaller, the results will become more volatile. However, the consistency of pattern confirms our initial interpretations. If we take the Survey Collection results at the national level and assume a similar result for Florida, we might anticipate that the NOI for the third

Meet Bill Hughes, leader of UF Warrington’s new Applied Real Estate Research Initiative

The University of Florida Warrington College of Business recently announced the creation of a preeminent resource for the real estate industry, the Applied Real Estate Research Initiative, housed in the Bergstrom Real Estate Center. Tapped to lead the Applied Real Estate Research Initiative is real estate expert Bill Hughes. As Executive Director of Applied Research, Hughes will lead the effort in delivering data-driven reports for the real estate community. Most recently, Hughes served for 15 years as Global Head of