Jeff Greenspan (MSF ’21) | September 2022

Jeff Greenspan

Greenspan (MSF 2021) is Managing Partner at Financial Modeling Service. He is currently developing the non-profit GreenRR.Space, whose mission is to promote the proposal, funding, implementation, and verification of tasks supporting environmental and sustainability goals and rewarding participants using cryptocurrency. To learn more about GreenRR.Space or to see how you can participate, check out the GreenRR.Space website.

GreenRR.Space is working with students in Warrington’s GatorNest program. As part of the project, the GatorNest team has created a market research survey. For those interested in providing insights the students can use for their project, please consider taking the online survey. As a thank you for participating, the 10th, 100th, 1000th, and 10000th participant will earn a $150 gift card. 

In addition to his Master of Science in Finance, Greenspan holds an MS in Fisheries from the University of Florida. 

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