Kirill Pervun (MSRE ’14) | August 2022

Kirill Pervun

Pervun (MSRE 2014) is an Assistant Professor of Finance at the University of North Georgia Mike Cottrell College of Business. His research interests include application of behavioral economics approach to corporate and entrepreneurial finance, portfolio investments, and real estate. Pervun’s current research is focused on exploring links between managers’ personal characteristics and corporate policies. 

With two co-authors, he recently released a new research paper focused on participation in youth sports by entrepreneurs. Pervun’s analysis of the biographies of 2,084 American executives reveals that individuals who participated in competitive sports in their youth are more likely to become entrepreneurs. The research indicates that participation in individual sports (such as tennis, running, and swimming), but not in team sports, drives the results. Moreover, being a star youth athlete further enhances the likelihood of entrepreneurial action.

Read the complete research and its implications in the Journal of Small Business Management