Larysa Switlyk (BSAc ’07, MAcc ’07) | May 2023

Larysa-Switlyk Switlyk (BSAc ’07, MAcc ’07) recently launched a new nonprofit, Unleashed Outdoor Education and Wildlife Conservation Inc. This nonprofit’s mission is to bring more people into the outdoors, educating them about wildlife conservation.

She has also teamed up with Amy Bell Charities and Safari Club International Foundation to participate in their “Pay it Forward” Blue Bag Program.  On recent African safaris, she brought much needed medical and school supplies, as well as provided meat from her hunts to feed many villagers in areas that most people would never visit.

Switlyk has purchased supplies for a school deep in the jungles of Zimbabwe that was designed and constructed solely through donations from hunters for children of the local park rangers and patrolmen who are employed by the area’s anti-poaching unit. The money spent by hunters coming to the area goes directly back into the community. Together, with the support of the local government, the children of the staff members that work to protect the hunting areas and look after the animals are able to receive a quality education. 

Since discovering her passion for hunting in 2008, Switlyk has dedicated her life to promoting the outdoor lifestyle and educating the public about how hunting contributes to the conservation of wildlife through her self-produced television shows “Larysa Unleashed” and the new “Unleashed Global Adventures.” She has also challenged herself on many difficult hunts in some of the most remote places of the world in extremely dangerous conditions. Switlyk does all of this to promote the values of hunting and demonstrate how it contributes to the conservation of wildlife around the world.