Ana Herrera sits on a bench under an arch of trees.

MIB Student Spotlight: Ana Estrada Herrera

Ana Estrada Herrera is a current student in the Master of International Business (MIB) program. She shares how her heritage has shaped her educational journey.

Ana Herrera

Q: Can you tell us about your personal journey and heritage?

Herrera: “I was born in Mexico, and that’s where my entire family is from. Because of my dad’s job, my family was always moving around, giving me the opportunity to live in several countries. When my family moved to the United States, it was a huge change, especially going into school not knowing the language, but I quickly picked it up. Growing up in the United States had its challenges, mostly because the lifestyle and culture is so different here than it is in Mexico, but I love how both cultures have become a part of me.”

Q: What aspects of your culture are you most proud of?

Herrera: “I love how welcoming and community oriented the Hispanic culture is. I feel like the Hispanic community places such a high importance in friendships and family, which is something extremely important and makes us so united. I’m proud of how hard-working Hispanics are and how determined they are to any and all of their goals. I’m also extremely proud of my Mexican culture and think that everything from the country to the food and customs are so beautiful and amazing.”

Q: Any role models who have inspired you or shaped your aspirations?

Herrera: “My dad has and will always be my biggest role model. He grew up in poverty in Mexico and was the first in his family to want something more of his life than what it was. [He] focused on getting an education and working hard to provide for his family, and for our family now. What I admire most is that, even now that he has a better life, he never forgot where he came from and always gives back to others. He showed me that it’s important to have an education and work hard, but it’s equally important to give back and stay true to yourself.”

Q: Any message or advice for other students who may be navigating the challenges of education and finding their place?

Ana Herrera poses next to JPMorgan Chase sign.

Herrera: “College is hard for everyone, but finding study groups makes classes a little more understandable. When it comes to finding your place, like I mentioned before, the Hispanic community is so welcoming, especially here at UF – we have such a big network. Joining Hispanic organizations helped me a lot when starting at UF, to feel a little more at home.”

Q: Tell us a cool fact about yourself.

Herrera: “I’ve traveled to 20 countries!