Kendrick Calilao runs across a baseball field.

MSM Student Spotlight: Kendrick Calilao

Kendrick Calilao is graduating this summer from the Master of Science in Management (MSM) program. While taking classes at the Warrington College of Business, he has also been a member of the Florida Gators baseball team.

Q: What is your background?

Kendrick Calilao

Calilao: “My family’s life began in Honolulu, Hawaii following my father’s migration to the United States from the Philippines and my mother’s migration from Honduras. My family then decided to move to Florida, where my two older brothers and I found our love for the game of baseball. Growing up, you could find us either at the baseball field or in the back yard grilling and fishing. The summer of 2018 is when I reported on campus to begin my training as a member of the Florida Gators baseball team. Since then, I have gained valuable experiences being a collegiate athlete, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Geography, and will soon complete the MSM program this August.”

Q: Why did you join the MSM program?

Calilao: “I always knew the MSM program was an opportunity for me following my time in baseball. I have grown to love the game for everything it teaches us along the way and have realized that there is so much more than playing the game between the lines. Life beyond baseball is managing teamwork, working continuously towards improvement and overcoming challenges. I knew the MSM program was a great opportunity for me to develop professionally and equip myself with knowledge of functional areas of business as I look to join the corporate world.”

Q: What are your best memories from the MSM program?

Calilao: “The relationships I have made throughout my time at the University of Florida will be memories that last a lifetime. It has truly been a blessing and what I believe to be a pivotal experience in my life to have spent the last year working with my classmates and professors. From the early morning lectures to the late nights studying in Hough, I have learned a little bit of what it takes to separate good from great.”

Q: Tell us about your experience as a student athlete.

Calilao: “In my time as a student athlete, we have consistently produced a nationally recognized baseball program, opened a brand-new state of the art facility and developed a competitive culture for players within the program. I have had access to the best coaches, professors and facilities, all of which have contributed to my personal growth as a student and as an athlete. The way I have been pushed on and off the field, and the expectations and standards set by the Gator alumni before me, has prepared me to face challenges head on at the next level in my young professional career. Since I have stepped away from baseball, it has been a great experience to watch the game from a different perspective. I have enjoyed following former teammates throughout this recent season and I am nothing but proud of what they were able to accomplish this year, making it to the College World Series Championship.”

Q: How has the MSM program prepared you for life after graduation?

Calilao: “I feel my time in the MSM program and my involvement in athletics has prepared me for an MBA program. These experiences have provided valuable insight into the intricacies of the business world and have equipped me with the necessary skills to meet the rapidly evolving needs of today’s businesses.”