Ahn Nicholas

MIB Student Spotlight: Ahn Nicolas

Ahn Nicolas (MIB ’24) recently returned from a Global Immersion Experience in Italy. As part of the Master of International Business (MIB) program, the trip had a significant impact on his academic and professional career.

Q: Tell us about your GIE trip.

Sitting at a dinner table in a restaurant.

Nicolas: “We went to Milan, Italy and visited several companies including Nio Cocktails, Campari Group and a local tannery. We also visited the Milano Fashion Institute alongside the world-renowned Duomo and Lake Como.”

Q: What was the most memorable experience you had on the trip?

Nicolas: “A memorable experience was the cuisine, but the best part was the people I met during this trip.”

Q: How did the trip impact your understanding of the culture and customs of the country you visited?

Nicolas: “The trip had a profound impact on my understanding of Italian culture and customs. Interacting with locals, experiencing the vibrant atmosphere of Milan and indulging in delicious Italian cuisine provided me with a deeper appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of the country. I gained insights into Italian business etiquette, communication styles and the importance of relationships in conducting business.”

Q: Were there any challenges you faced during the trip? How did you overcome them?

Nicolas: “I did not face any particularly hard challenges. In fact, there was no language barrier whatsoever because most people I encountered spoke either English or Spanish. I also tried to learn some Italian words before the trip. Like any international trip, I did not get much sleep because I tried to maximize my time and savor each moment during my time abroad, relishing every experience and embracing the opportunity to immerse myself fully in the culture and surroundings.”

Q: Did the trip change any preconceptions or stereotypes you had about the country or its people?

Nicolas: “The trip definitely shattered some preconceptions and stereotypes I had about Italy and its people. I realized that while Italian culture is deeply rooted in tradition and history, it also embraces innovation and modernity. The people we met were warm, welcoming and incredibly passionate about their work.”

Q: What skills or knowledge did you gain from participating in this global immersion trip?

Nicolas: “Participating in this global immersion trip equipped me with a range of skills and knowledge. I gained a deeper understanding of international business practices, cross-cultural communication and the importance of adaptability in diverse environments. Additionally, I learned about the significance of brand identity, craftsmanship and attention to detail in industries such as fashion and automotive.”

Q: How did the trip contribute to your personal growth or development?

Nicolas: “The trip contributed significantly to my personal growth and development. It pushed me out of my comfort zone, challenged my perspectives and broadened my horizons. It instilled in me a sense of cultural awareness, curiosity and a desire to explore new opportunities beyond my familiar surroundings.”

Ahn Nicholas poses in front of a mountain lake.

Q: Would you recommend this type of experience to other students, and why?

Nicolas: “Absolutely, I would highly recommend this type of experience to other students. Experiencing different cultures firsthand and gaining exposure to global business environments is invaluable for personal and professional development. It fosters open-mindedness, adaptability and a global perspective, all of which are essential qualities in today’s interconnected world. Plus, it creates lasting memories and friendships that transcend borders and boundaries.