Carlos Medina standing on a boat.

Online MIB Student Spotlight: Carlos Medina

Carlos Medina is graduating this weekend from the online Master of International Business (MIB) program. After graduation, he plans to continue his career in business and work toward an international role.

Carlos Medina

Q: Tell us about your background.

Medina: “[I have a] diverse background, spanning multiple countries. I was born in Cuba, raised in Mexico and made the pivotal move to the US in 2016 at 29 years old. After earning my bachelor’s degree in supervision and management from Miami Dade College in 2021, I sought to enhance my skills and knowledge. This drove me to pursue a Master of International Business degree at the University of Florida. Prior, I gained experience at the esteemed Four Seasons hotel company. Now, I proudly contribute to CBNA, a member of Bouygues Construction.”

Q: Why did you join the online MIB program?

Medina: “I pursued a master’s in international business degree for personal and professional growth after completing a degree in supervision and management at Miami Dade College. With experience from working with Four Seasons, I valued global business insights. UF’s esteemed reputation and comprehensive online program aligned with my goals, propelling me to excel in my role at a global construction company.”

Q: What was your experience in the online MIB program?

Medina: “Over two years, my enriching, part-time experience in the online MIB program perfectly complemented my full-time job. Flexibility allowed effective time management, fostering deep learning through engaging discussions with diverse peers and instructors. The program’s global dimension highlighted business interconnectedness, greatly impacting my professional journey. Already, applying this knowledge in a top construction company demonstrates the program’s value. In essence, the flexible, comprehensive and practical online MIB program propelled my educational and professional growth, aligning with my international business aspirations.”

Q: What are your career plans after graduation?

Medina: “Post-graduation, my aim is to ascend within my company, shouldering more responsibilities and driving growth. Long term, I envision an international career particularly in Europe, fueled by my education. I’m committed to creating an impact and embracing challenges, either with my present employer or a new venture. Adapting to diverse paths, I’m poised to contribute dynamically to the global business arena.”

Q: Any advice for incoming online MIB students?

Medina: “Effective time management is crucial for new online MIB students, [such as] balancing studies and commitments. Active participation in discussions, projects and networking enriches perspectives. Stay organized with digital tools, seek help when needed and integrate studies into daily work routines for success. Self-discipline, online resources and curiosity drive continuous growth.”

Q: Tell us a cool fact about yourself.

Medina: “A unique aspect of my personality is my broad interest in sports. I find joy in watching various sports, including NBA, Formula One and soccer leagues like Premier League and La Liga, without a distinct favorite. While I appreciate different events, I hold a special place for NBA games, especially those involving my beloved Miami Heat team. This diverse passion adds an engaging and eclectic dimension to my interests.”