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MIB Student Spotlight: Sophia Beltrame Iacobacci

Sofia Beltrame Iacobacci (BSBA ’24, MIB ’24) gained valuable insight on conducting cross-cultural business relationships on her Global Immersion Experience (GIE) in Argentina with the Master of International Business (MIB) program.

Q: Tell us about your GIE trip.

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Iacobacci: “I went on the GIE trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our itinerary was packed with visits to diverse companies in various sectors.  We visited Argentine real estate giants and tech companies, and each encounter offered invaluable insights into global business dynamics.

“Beyond the corporate realm, we also got to explore Buenos Aires, intertwining tourism with our professional pursuits.  The trip served as a dynamic global platform for learning and fostering a deeper appreciation for international business practices in a rapidly evolving world.”

Q: What was the most memorable experience you had during the trip?

Iacobacci: “The GIE trip was an incredible opportunity to bond with peers and expand my network within the Hough Graduate School of Buisness. Meeting new friends, engaging with professors and connecting with professionals in Argentina were highlights. However, the most memorable aspect was forming close connections with fellow Hough students whom I hadn’t known before. These friendships enriched the experience, demonstrating the value of shared moments and genuine connections.”

Q: Were there any challenges you faced during the trip? How did you overcome them?

Iacobacci: “One notable challenge I encountered during the trip was the need to discard preconceived notions about how business operated in Argentina. Overcoming this required a conscious effort to actively listen to the speakers and immerse myself in discussions. I found that asking probing questions was instrumental in broadening my perspective and gaining a deeper understanding of the nuances of business practices in the country. By embracing this approach, I was able to transcend my initial assumptions and develop a more nuanced and informed view of the business landscape in Argentina.”

Q: What skills or knowledge did you gain from participating in this global immersion trip?

Iacobacci: “Participating in the trip provided me with insights into the interconnectedness of the business landscape across Latin America. I learned about the extensive communication networks within the region and the growing trend of Argentine companies expanding into the United States (and vice versa). This trip highlighted the importance of South America as a global economic powerhouse and the importance of cultural awareness in international business dealings. Understanding the cultural nuances when engaging with businesses in these countries emerged as a key takeaway from the trip, emphasizing the need for cross-cultural competence in today’s interconnected world.”

Q: How did the trip contribute to your personal growth or development?

Iacobacci: “Growing up with a strong connection to Argentina provided me with a unique perspective during this trip, as it was my first time viewing the country through a business lens. Observing businesses emphasized the importance of conducting cultural research before engaging in international business. Through the interactions, I gained a deeper understanding of the complexities of global business and its importance when fostering successful relationships across borders.”

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Q: Would you recommend this type of experience to other students, and why?

Iacobacci: “Absolutely! This type of experience is truly invaluable, particularly in a country with such a distinctive economic framework. It goes beyond traditional classroom learning, offering firsthand insights into real-world business dynamics. The opportunity for peer networking in such an immersive setting is unparalleled, fostering connections and perspectives that simply cannot be replicated within a classroom.”