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MSM Student Spotlight: Rondarrious Gibson

Rondarrious Gibson is a student in the Master of Science in Management (MSM) program. He shares how this program opened the door for him to receive his first job as a summer analyst with JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Ron Gibson

Q: Tell us about your background.

Gibson: “My name is Rondarrious Gibson, and I was born and raised in the capital city of Tallahassee, Florida. While in Tallahassee, I received in my bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Florida A&M University. Attending the University of Florida has been a dream of mine since I was a child.”

Q: Why did you join the MSM program?

Gibson: “Upon receiving my bachelor’s degree in 2021, I was unsure of the next step in my journey, but knew I wasn’t ready to join the workforce yet. After further research, I found that the MSM program provided an excellent career boost to individuals who are seeking to expand their business horizons. I joined the MSM program to explore new opportunities in business that I wouldn’t have found without the program.”

Q: What do you enjoy most about the MSM program?

Gibson: “I love the flexibility of the program, mainly the course loads. Having a module set up allows me to matriculate through the program at my own pace. Secondly, I enjoy all of the opportunities and events the program offers to build relationships with classmates and peers across other specialized programs. I’ve connected with some great people while in the MSM program whom I will call friends even after we all leave Gainesville.”

Ron Gibson

Q: Would you recommend the program to other students?

Gibson: “I would 100 percent recommend the MSM program to those considering [a master’s degree] – don’t be afraid to take on the challenge. Transitioning from a non-business background into a graduate-level business program can seem overwhelming, but you’ll quickly learn that the stars are aligned for you to succeed.”

Q: How did you prepare to face the job market?

Gibson: “I did lots of research identifying the main companies I’d be interested in working for, then I used the resources provided by Business Career Services to prepare myself for coffee chats and interviews. Practicing your elevator pitch and doing mock interviews can really go a long way.”

Q: What are your plans after graduation? Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Gibson: “After graduation, I plan on moving to the Dallas Fort Worth area to begin my professional career in Finance or Consulting. In five years, I see myself transitioning from the workforce back into academia as it is a goal of mine to receive my MBA.”

Q: What is one cool fact about you?

Gibson: “This summer I’ll be in Plano, Texas, working with JP Morgan Chase & Co as a Global Finance and Business Management Summer Analyst.”