Xinyu Xing

MSM Student Spotlight: Xinyu Xing

Xinyu Xing (MSM ’24) went off-script in the Master of Science in Management (MSM) program at the Warrington College of Business to participate in a Global Immersion Experience (GIE). From his experience, Xing shares why consulting abroad can garner useful skills for any business student.

Q: Tell us about your GIE trip.

Xing: “My journey to Buenos Aires was a deep dive into the bustling economic and cultural life of Argentina. We visited a variety of businesses including ARG Real Estate, which opened my eyes to the nuances of the local real estate market, and Telefónica. These experiences provided a comprehensive view of how businesses operate in challenging economic conditions while still pushing the envelope of innovation. Alongside these visits, the rich cultural exchanges, from tango evenings to local culinary tours, added layers to our learning and made the trip an unforgettable educational adventure.”

Q: What was the most memorable experience you had during the trip?

Xing: “The most memorable experiences of the trip were visiting the vibrant La Boca district, renowned for its colorful architecture and street art, and learning about the ‘smart city’ project by Telefónica. La Boca’s lively atmosphere, filled with artists and dancers, encapsulated the soul of Argentine culture. At the same time, Telefónica’s initiative showed a forward-thinking approach to societal problems, using technology to enhance city living. These contrasting experiences highlighted Argentina’s cultural richness and its drive towards technological advancement, making them the most impactful moments of my trip.”

Q: How did the trip impact your understanding of the culture and customs of the country you visited?

Xing: “This trip vastly enriched my understanding of Argentine culture, showing me the incredible blend of history, tradition and modern innovation that defines the country. The interactions with local artisans, business leaders and everyday citizens opened my eyes to the Argentine way of life, where community, resilience and a warm spirit are central. The cultural practices, especially in culinary arts and social norms, demonstrated a unique approach to life that prioritizes relationships and communal achievements. This deeper cultural insight has given me a more comprehensive understanding of how Argentines navigate their personal and professional lives.”

Q: Were there any challenges you faced during the trip, and how did you overcome them?

Xing: “Navigating the language barrier was a significant challenge. I addressed this by immersing myself in the language as much as possible, using translation apps and learning key phrases, which helped improve my interactions. Another challenge was adapting to the local pace and style of business, which is different from what I was used to. By observing and asking questions, I adapted my approach to better fit the local customs, which greatly enhanced my experience and allowed me to engage more deeply with the culture.”

Q: Did the trip change any preconceptions or stereotypes you had about the country or its people?

Xing: “Prior to the trip, my understanding of Argentina was superficial, largely colored by stereotypes of Latin American vibrancy and economic challenges. The visit dismantled these notions, introducing me to a country of profound entrepreneurial spirit and cultural depth. I discovered a society that is innovative with a strong focus on social and technological advancements despite economic uncertainties. This new understanding corrected my earlier misconceptions and showed me the true diversity and resilience of Argentina.”

Q: What skills or knowledge did you gain from participating in this global immersion trip?

Xing: “Beyond enhancing my adaptability and cultural awareness, the trip also sharpened my analytical skills, as I learned to examine business practices in a context of economic volatility. The insights into Argentina’s approach to economic adversity and innovation in sectors like real estate and technology have been particularly valuable. These experiences have equipped me with a unique perspective on navigating business challenges and seizing opportunities in an ever-changing global market.”

Q: How did the trip contribute to your personal growth or development?

Xing: “The trip was a significant catalyst for personal growth, challenging me to step out of my comfort zone and engage with a world vastly different from my own. It fostered a greater sense of independence, improved my problem-solving skills and enhanced my ability to communicate across cultural boundaries. These developments have not only made me a more competent global citizen but have also deepened my empathy and understanding of different cultural perspectives.”

Xinyu Xing poses with colorful statue and buildings.

Q: As an MSM student, you opted to go on this trip even though it was not mandatory for your program. Would you recommend this type of experience to other MSM students?

Xing: “I wholeheartedly recommend this experience to other MSM students for its profound impact on personal and professional development. Engaging directly with diverse business environments and cultures provides a deeper, more nuanced understanding of global markets than classroom theory alone can offer. Such experiences are invaluable in developing the skills and mindset needed to navigate and succeed in a globalized world, making it an essential investment for any serious student of business or international relations.”