Ana Noy sits on the statue of an alligator.

Online MSM Student Spotlight: Ana Noy

Ana Noy is graduating from the Online Master of Science in Management (MSM) program this semester. She shares about her experience at the University of Florida, and why she chose the Warrington College of Business over other schools.

Q: What made you choose the MSM program at Warrington over other schools?

Noy: “Having obtained my undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from UF, my initial choice for pursuing a master’s degree naturally led me [back] to the university. UF’s reputation and its commitment to delivering a top-notch education have profoundly impacted my career. As a professional balancing work responsibilities and parenthood, the school’s close proximity to home and the option for online coursework were pivotal factors in my decision-making process.”

Q: What has been your favorite part of the program?

Noy: “My favorite aspect of the program has been its focus on the practical applicability of the MSM curriculum in the business realm. Whether it was the core courses in accounting, finance, statistics and management or my elective courses in marketing and entrepreneurship, the knowledge I gained was immediately transferable to real-world business scenarios. Additionally, the relationships I’ve cultivated with the exceptional faculty and the supportive Warrington College staff have been instrumental. They’ve offered guidance in curriculum choices, provided career advice and facilitated networking opportunities that have been immensely beneficial.”

Ana Noy poses in front of the Ben Hill Griffin football stadium. Q: How do you think the knowledge gained from the program will benefit your career?

Noy: “As I contemplate transitioning from a career in international corporate work to consulting and academia, the MSM Program has been instrumental in solidifying the knowledge I’ve gained from years of practical experience and introducing me to new concepts relevant to my new career path. By combining theory with real-world applications, the program has fortified my business acumen and deepened my grasp of effective business management. As I approach graduation, the faculty members have assumed the role of mentors, guiding my career transition, facilitating opportunities for me to share my business expertise with other students and connecting me with their extensive academic network.”