Bridget Popham with a man wearing a blue tie.

Online MSM Student Spotlight: Bridget Popham

Bridget Popham is graduating this summer from the online Master of Science in Management (MSM) program. She shares how the program coached her to unlock her potential and equipped her for a great job after graduation.

Bridget Popham

Q: What is your background?

Popham: “My dad served in the U.S. Air Force, so I grew up moving all over the country (and even spent a few years overseas). That being said, I do call Melbourne, Florida, my home as I went to high school there and I have lots of family still living there. I decided to attend UF in 2017 and earned my bachelor’s degree in anthropology in the spring of 2019.”

Q: Why did you join the online MSM program?

Popham: “After earning my B.A., I began working in finance at the University of Florida in various offices across campus – from the College of Engineering to the Cost Analysis/Construction Accounting department. This sparked an unexpected passion for higher education administration and inspired me to focus my efforts on my professional growth. My mentors encouraged me to pursue the online MSM program, which gave me the opportunity to continue working full-time, build upon my professional experience and learn countless new technical and soft skills along the way.”

Q: Tell us about your experience in the online MSM program.

Popham: “As someone who did not come from a traditional business background, I felt extremely welcomed by the online MSM program. Choosing to pursue an MSM degree allowed me to pave a career path in business that I hadn’t previously thought was possible for me – and to build upon skills I didn’t even know I had.”

Q: What are your career plans following graduation?

Popham: “I recently accepted a job offer from Huron Consulting Group as an analyst in their Higher Education Research division. Upon graduation, I am looking forward to jumping in to this role and making my debut in the consulting space.”

Q: Any advice for incoming students?

Popham: “Patience is key! Your time in the MSM program will likely fly by, and you may feel anxiety about having to nail a great internship or stellar job by the time you graduate. Stay focused and take the time you need to get everything you can out of this program. Get involved, make connections, and a great opportunity after graduation is bound to come your way.”

Q: Please share a cool fact about yourself.

Popham: “I am currently learning how to make pottery on a pottery wheel! It’s a tricky hobby for a perfectionist like me, but I am really enjoying tapping into my creative side.”