Jason Wells

Accounting a community can count on

As the President and Chief Operating Officer of CenterPoint Energy, Jason Wells uses his experience in accounting to support and take care of the world around him.

Moving to Navy bases around the world at a young age, Jason Wells (BSAc ‘00, MAcc ‘00) learned the value of community. With this experience, came an appreciation for whatever neighborhood he may find himself in. 

As President and Chief Operating Officer of CenterPoint Energy, a utility company that provides electric and gas utility services across six states, Wells finds it a privilege to serve his community while leading electric and gas operations, customer service, regulatory and legislative affairs and information technology teams.

Before his time at CenterPoint Energy, Wells earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees simultaneously in the 3/2 Program at the Fisher School of Accounting. With a great interest in finance and economics, pursuing two degrees at once just made sense to Wells. With the skills gained from these degrees, Wells quickly rose through the ranks in the accounting world. 

“My accounting skills helped position me for my current role at CenterPoint Energy,” said Wells.  “I started in public accounting, joined a utility on the west coast and ultimately worked my way to CFO. I now use my accounting skills more indirectly to help drive operational and financial performance. Numbers tell a story, and my accounting background helps me interpret, tell and shape that story.”

The stories these numbers tell provide Wells with a clearer picture of the environment he serves in. Even more, they help establish and develop a strong foundation for all residents. 

“The work we do has the ability to positively impact our communities every day,” said Wells. “Electricity and gas services is an ever changing industry and is a wonderful nexus of economic, environmental and social policy.”

To reinforce these stories discovered through numbers, Wells makes it a point to stay connected with those whom his work impacts directly. He doesn’t stay in an office and talk on the phone. Wells walks out into the community and meets his neighbors. 

“I dedicate time every week to being part of our execution of fieldwork and hearing directly from our customers,” Wells explained. “It gives me the best perspective in improving our results.”

With near-constant contact in his community and an ever-growing company that positively contributes to the world around it, Wells continues to have new experiences and grow in his role. He offered the following advice for those entering the world of accounting. 

“Cultivate a strong network of advisors to support and mentor your growth – think of it as your own personal board of directors. And run to challenges in the workplace. We grow professionally and personally through that stress.”