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A student holds various objects while balancing books and ballet shoes on her head.

How a minor can majorly impact your education and career

So, you’ve enrolled at the University of Florida – congratulations! After countless hours of preparation, you’re on campus or online and ready to dive into your degree. But where to begin? After choosing your major, you might notice the handful

Nicholas Ros

Double-gator’s data science success: leading a Bank of America practicum

Nicholas Ros, a master’s student at the University of Florida Warrington College of Business, explains his practicum project working with Bank of America. As a proud double-gator at the University of Florida Warrington College of Business, I have embraced both

Heng Xu and Nan Zhang

To hire the right job candidate, humans and machines should clear up this simple miscommunication

Nearly every Fortune 500 company now uses some form of artificial intelligence to help them hire the best talent by screening resumes or analyzing test performance. But these AI hiring tools are probably spitting out worse candidates than hiring managers

Jim Hoover

How AI can improve health care

Members of the University of Florida College of Public Health and Health Professions and Warrington College of Business came together recently to discuss the power and potential of artificial intelligence for improving health care delivery as part of the college’s AI

Siyu Chen

From classroom to corporate: MS-ISOM student elevates City Furniture’s supply chain with data driven insights

Siyu Chen, a student pursuing her master’s in business analytics at the University of Florida Warrington College of Business, completed a practicum project with City Furniture, a well-known furniture company based in Florida. She employed her knowledge in marketing analytics

Jay Ritter

Trump’s Truth Social stock takes turbulent swings after verdict

The stock price of former President Donald Trump’s social media platform Truth Social made turbulent swings in the aftermath of his conviction in a New York court on Thursday. In the immediate aftermath of the verdict, the stock price of Truth

A large group of students pose for a photo with Burnie, the Miami Heat mascot

UF MBA students gain business insights from South Florida’s major industry leaders

South Florida has cemented itself as a major player in today’s business environment and UF MBA students are benefiting from the growth. In recent years, the region has become the No. 2 international banking center in the United States, home to 1,000+ multinational

Rob Carter

Innovation, delivered

IN TRANSIT Early on in his time at the University of Florida, Rob Carter (BSBA ’81) received some devastating feedback. As a pre-med student, he was struggling with the dreaded courses of chemistry and biology. After dropping both classes and

Jennifer Tucker

Accounting for every surprise

Cook/Deloitte Professor Jennifer Wu Tucker didn’t anticipate becoming an academic in accounting. When she started her education in electronic engineering at the Beijing Institute of Technology, she didn’t have plans to go into accounting at all. Switching from engineering to

Klodiana Lanaj and Daniel Kim

Rude at work? Feeling guilty can make you a better, kinder worker.

We’ve all done it. A bad night’s sleep or a tough commute made us cranky, and we lashed out at a coworker who did nothing wrong. What can we do to make up for it? According to a new study