Cindy Trautmann poses with her husband, two sons and dog in front of a fountain, garden and yellow house
Cindy Trautmann with her husband, Chris, and sons, CJ and Josh.

Master Mom of Business Administration

Cindy Trautmann shares how her time in the UF MBA Online program gave her a transformational experience and the opportunity to show her children that hard work pays off.

I am a mom, wife, sales manager, runner and a student. Balancing everything is never easy, but as I complete my coursework, I realize the last two years have been worth it. I researched many MBA programs for a few years prior to deciding on University of Florida. I have an undergraduate degree from Florida State University in Nutrition and Food Science and a Master’s in Physical Therapy from Georgia State University. I had never taken a business course in college, so I knew having an MBA would be helpful in furthering my career.  

When UF launched their fully online program, I was intrigued. The program was highly ranked, and I knew in Tampa, I would make many connections as an alumnus. I also thought there might be other students in my cohort living in Tampa. As the director of sales for a large medical company, I travel often for work during the week. Since I miss many of my kids’ activities, missing weekend sports was not an option in my mind. I was accepted and started at once; ironically, my first class opened on Mother’s Day. 

Cindy Trautmann with her sons CJ and Josh in baseball uniforms holding a trophy.

Cindy with her sons, CJ and Josh.

My husband, Chris, and my two sons supported my efforts. At the time, CJ was nine and just finished third grade, and Josh was seven, finishing first grade. Both boys are heavily involved in sports, and we spent (and still do!) most of our weekends at the baseball fields. They learned quickly not to disturb me when I was taking a ProctorU exam or on a group call at night.

I quickly realized the value of having an iPad. I would sit in the car and watch to lectures while the boys were warming up or in between games. I found using electronic books was easier for me, as traveling with a large hardcover textbook was cumbersome. I dedicated time on the airplane and nights in hotel rooms to studying so I could spend time on the weekends with my family. Instead of binge-watching shows on Netflix while on the treadmill, I found myself streaming lectures. 

Coordinating with a group was one of the most challenging pieces. With our travel baseball schedule, I often did not know what time we would finish on Sunday afternoon. My groups were accommodating, and I recall doing more than one group call from the ballfields (while also keeping the official score for the games). 

My family watched me struggle and work hard for this degree, but more importantly, they are proud of me! I am setting a positive example for my kids, using the mantra they learned in Karate many years ago, “hard work pays off!” 

To any mothers considering going back to school, I would say this: Do it! Get your family on board and make your kids proud.

In honor of Mother’s Day, the Warrington College of Business celebrates all of the mothers among its students, alumni, faculty and staff. A very special thank you to all the marvelous moms!