Together we Go Greater

The University of Florida is in the midst of the most ambitious fundraising campaign in its history. Running from 2014-22, the Go Greater campaign is among the largest active campaigns for a public university, and Warrington is aiming to raise $250 million of UF’s $3 billion goal.

October 2018 marks the halfway point of the Go Greater campaign, and we have already raised $126 million toward Warrington’s goal. Here are some ways your gift can impact the College for years to come:

Invest in intellectual capital

  • Hire and retain high-performance faculty with a focus on research scholars and experienced practitioners
  • Strengthen the quality of the business Ph.D. program through an intensified recruitment process

Deliver high quality teaching programs

  •  Develop innovative teaching methods to optimize curriculum delivery and meet diverse learning styles
  • Expand access to our combined degree programs
  • Employ technology to increase access, deepen understanding and improve efficiency of curriculum delivery
  • Expand scope of value-added training in communications, leadership and business ethics

Strengthen student experience beyond the classroom

  • Enhance student career preparedness and professional development advising
  • Connect students with the business environment through real world activities
  • Expand access to our study abroad and global immersion experiences

Click here to read more about the Go Greater campaign and how you and contribute.