UF MBA alumna earns prestigious Procter & Gamble honor

Jordan Schulz (MBA ’18) was named the Rookie of the Year for Procter & Gamble’s finance organization. As the Senior Financial Analyst Secret and Gillette Personal Care at P&G, Schulz received an undergraduate degree in finance from Stetson University before enrolling in the UF MBA program.

Q: What are your title and responsibilities at P&G?

Schulz: “Essentially, I am the first go-to resource for my brands on anything finance related. This means I evaluate anything from future innovation ideas and potential in-market merchandising opportunities to helping build the next year’s forecast and everything in between.”

Q: Tell us a little bit about the Rookie of the Year for P&G’s finance organization. What went into you earning it, and why do you think you did?

Schulz: “The Rookie of the Year designation is awarded to finance individuals less than three years with the company who have already made significant business impact. You have to be nominated, go through a selection process, and ultimately be selected as the winner via a blind survey completed by P&G’s finance organization. It was an incredible honor to be nominated and an even bigger honor to be chosen as a recipient. In order to win this award, I had to demonstrate not only that I could do my job well, but also that I could push the boundaries of my role to drive greater business impact than my comparable peer set. I think I won the award because I was able to leverage my background and the skills I learned during my case competitions at UF to have a fast start in my role, which allowed me to increase my responsibility early on and make a greater impact. Additionally, I was extremely fortunate to have an amazing manager and organization that supported me throughout the process. I feel very blessed all around.”

Q: Why did you decide to get your MBA?

Schulz: “I have always been passionate about education and knew I wanted to pursue higher education since I graduated from undergrad. I actually found out about the UF MBA program from a best friend and colleague of mine at Siemens. We attended a webinar on the program and after I learned about the success and value of the program (you can get a full ride scholarship if you attend full-time), I knew I needed to pursue admittance. It was the best decision I could have made for my personal development and career.”

Q: How did your experience at UF MBA set you up for success?

Schulz: “The UF MBA program provided me with several skills necessary for my fast start at P&G. The most impactful was the opportunity to compete in case competitions. I represented UF in five case competitions and each one developed my analytical skills, ability to be agile with limited data, and presentation ability more than any other opportunity could. For me, the UF MBA program’s curriculum is best in class because it really tries to balance in classroom learning with real world application.”