Cody Jones

Cody Jones

Editorial Manager

Cody Jones is the Editorial Manager for the UF Warrington College of Business. In his role, he serves as the writer for digital and print related branding materials for Warrington while maintaining a strategic vision for communications and working closely with staff to create and manage the College’s voice. Before joining Warrington’s marketing and communications team, he spent six years as a sports journalist. He received a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Florida.

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Stories by Cody Jones

Fisher students win regional case competition

Reading Time: 1 minute A team of Fisher School of Accounting students won the regional competition for the 19th annual Deloitte FanTAXtic National Case Study Competition. Carson Goodman, Madison O’Brien, Jensine Varghese, Jackson Weisbrot and Rebecca Witschel advanced to the national competition, which will be held on January 17-19, 2020 at Deloitte University — located just outside of Dallas, Texas. The students were tasked with advising the owners of a technology start-up company on the most tax efficient manner in which to structure their

What I learned at the Women in Accounting Symposium

Reading Time: 3 minutes By Quinn Fisher Simpson When I was invited to attend the Women in Accounting Symposium through the Fisher School of Accounting, I was not sure what to expect. I was an underclassman going to an upperclassmen event, listening to many successful women help me build my future. I have several successful women in my life who have always encouraged me, so I was having trouble seeing how this could be any different. To my surprise, this would prove to be

Steve Knopik speaks at Retail Smarter

A path to leadership

Reading Time: 2 minutes One week after Steve Knopik became an accounting major, he hit a roadblock. Knopik had breezed through every level of schooling to that point, but a surprise quiz in his first accounting class earned him a ‘D’ and the first difficult academic moment of his life. “I got walloped,” Knopik said. “It taught me that I wasn’t infallible or God’s gift to academia. I had to work hard.” That wakeup call changed his perspective on the accounting profession. Knopik realized

Master of International Business trip provides global business perspective

Reading Time: 3 minutes By Luiza Duarte (MIB ’19) I have always been curious about learning and understanding different cultures, which developed my passion for traveling. It was also one of the incentives for me to come from Brazil to study in the United States. When I go to a new country or a new city, I make sure I do my research beforehand. I look for the typical food of the region, read reviews about the tourist points, search about their history, and

UF MBA alumna earns prestigious Procter & Gamble honor

Reading Time: 2 minutes Jordan Schulz (MBA ’18) was named the Rookie of the Year for Procter & Gamble’s finance organization. As the Senior Financial Analyst Secret and Gillette Personal Care at P&G, Schulz received an undergraduate degree in finance from Stetson University before enrolling in the UF MBA program. Q: What are your title and responsibilities at P&G? Schulz: “Essentially, I am the first go-to resource for my brands on anything finance related. This means I evaluate anything from future innovation ideas and

9 warning signs you hate your job – and what to do about it

Reading Time: 4 minutes No matter how long you’ve been in your job, everyone can get stagnant. You get into a routine with your job, and before you know it, you realize it might not be the job for you anymore. Here are nine warning signs that you’re starting to feel this way: That Sunday night feeling. It’s easy to forget what day it is during the weekend. You’re having a great time with your friends and family, and you have the full day

Jeff Casucci DBA

Pursuing a passion

Reading Time: 3 minutes Jeff Casucci always knew he wanted to pursue a career in academia, but there were often reasons to wait. The schools were always far away, the timing was never right. The list of excuses was long. That changed during a conversation with a friend, who is a professor at a local university, one year ago. Casucci brought up his desire to pursue a doctorate and eventually work in academia, and his friend encouraged him to stop wasting time. She was

Student looking at a large white board filled with financial equations

What you think you know about Warrington students is wrong

Reading Time: 3 minutes We hear the misconceptions. We’ve seen the memes. Let us clear up some of the myths you may have read online with the facts.  Myth: You can only fail into Warrington as an undergraduate student Fact: Sure, you can fail into Warrington if it doesn’t work out at another college on campus, but you can also fail out of Warrington. Have you struggled through Business Finance? Did you pull multiple all-nighters to pass Financial Accounting? The road to a Warrington

Giving back to the Fisher School

Reading Time: 3 minutes Who says accounting isn’t romantic? For Aaron (BSAc ’04, MAcc ’04) and Carly (BSPR 04) Topol, the Fisher School of Accounting played an integral role in their lives both professionally and personally.  Now married for more than 15 years, the couple briefly dated in high school before leaving for the University of Florida. They soon reunited on campus after Carly enrolled in the Intro to Financial Accounting course and knew she needed a bit of extra help. At her mother’s

Business Gators Come Back, Give Back: Art Jacobs

Reading Time: 4 minutes Every fall, the University of Florida welcomes back its alumni for Homecoming, a celebration of alma mater pride across all generations of Gators. While most alumni return for the single Homecoming weekend, some alumni travel back to campus throughout the year. Art Jacobs and Bruce Brandes are two of these alumni that make a point to come back to campus to engage with two Warrington programs that are important to them – the Veterans Entrepreneurship Program and the Entrepreneurship and