Jerome Fulton Jr.

Using the past to create a better future

UF Warrington grad shares his motivation to pursue private market investing and set an example for the next generation of business students.

Jerome Fulton Jr. (BSAc ‘15) isn’t afraid of hard work. Driven by past experiences and his hopes for the future, Fulton Jr. pursues his goals with determination and tenacity.

At a young age, Fulton Jr. tragically lost both of his parents. His circumstances have been part of his motivation to reach high, along with a desire to fulfill a legacy that would make his parents proud. Early on, he decided to begin the path toward becoming a CPA and quickly realized that academic success would be the key to achieving his goal.

Fulton Jr. is a first-generation student in his family, the first to graduate from both high school and college. While at UF, he made the most of the opportunities available to him, excelling in academics and internships, and was awarded a place in the UF Hall of Fame.

“My time at UF set the stage for my future success,” he said.

After graduation, Fulton Jr. furthered his education, earning his master’s in accounting from the University of Southern California. This set him up to obtain his ultimate goal: becoming a CPA. To anyone considering becoming a CPA, he offers encouragement and advice.

“Obtaining your CPA license will only open doors for you,” he said. “Being a CPA will allow you to have many career options. If you are going to practice accounting, do it at the highest level and obtain your CPA license.”

Unwilling to stop there, Fulton Jr. started looking into MBA programs and was accepted into the Harvard Business School, where he is currently in his second year. After graduating, he hopes to pursue a career in private market investing, an industry that highlights his strengths and will allow him to make an impact.

“Throughout my career, I want to create opportunities for marginalized individuals,” he said. “From helping Black founders get access to capital to ushering in the next wave of Black and Brown talent into finance, I will help underrepresented minorities advance economically.”

While pursuing his own success, Fulton Jr. has maintained a strong interest in helping others and setting a positive example to those who have also come from unfortunate situations.

“I’ve always wanted to use my story to inspire others to work hard, never give up, and pursue their dreams,” he said. “I want to be that person that I wish I had seen while growing up.”

To students and young alumni facing their own challenges, Fulton Jr. shares his insight.

“Embrace every challenge and setback because they are learning opportunities,” he said. “When I reflect on the challenges I have overcome, I realize how much those ordeals have forced me to grow and step into my purpose. Sometimes a setback is preparing you for your next big break.

“Facing challenges can be difficult, but you must tap into your resilience, reset, and keep going.”

Defying the circumstances of his early years, Fulton Jr. put in the work to change his course, setting out to improve his future and make a positive impact for others.

“My beginning is just as important as my ending, but my start did not determine my trajectory.”