Dr. Michelle Darnell, Dr. Paul Madsen, and Dave Sullivan
From left, Dr. Michelle Darnell, Dr. Paul Madsen and Dave Sullivan were this year's recipients of the College's Teaching/Advising Awards.

Award winners breaking down barriers to student success

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The Warrington College of Business Administration recognized two standout professors and a dedicated advisor with its annual Teaching/Advising Awards.

Dr. Paul Madsen won the Graduate Teacher of the Year award; Dr. Michelle Darnell won the Undergraduate Teacher of Year Award; and Dave Sullivan won the Advisor of the Year award.

Dr. Paul Madsen: Dr. Madsen has been an Assistant Professor in the Fisher School of Accounting since 2010 teaching Introduction to Financial Accounting and Accounting Issues in Financial Risk Management courses. Dr. Madsen has had numerous articles published in premier accounting journals such as The Accounting Review. He’s won a variety of awards with his most recent being the Judy Fisher Teaching with Technology Award in 2014. Dr. Madsen has taken an innovative approach to teaching by refocusing the principles of his classes to follow his philosophy of curiosity. With his targeted philosophy and dedication, he’s scored exceptionally high in overall course evaluations and pushed students to succeed in his classes. “I view curiosity as an irritant of the best kind,” he said. “It motivates students to find answers.”

Dr. Michelle Darnell: Dr. Darnell has been a Lecturer in the Department of Management since 2010 with a focus in business ethics. In her Ethics in Global Business course, she encourages her students to critically evaluate what they learn and to collaborate inside and outside of the classroom with her “Team Based Learning” strategies. Dr. Darnell is the faculty advisor for the Heavener Business Ethics Ambassadors—a student organization dedicated to promoting discussion of business ethics in the community. With a personal commitment to developing future ethical business leaders, Dr. Darnell scored exceptionally well in her overall course evaluation scores. “I take it as my fundamental responsibility to provide an opportunity for students to choose a more robust valuing of their education,” she said.

Dave Sullivan: Dave Sullivan is the Associate Director for Career and Leadership Programs, and has been with the Heavener School of Business since 2012. Mr. Sullivan engages with numerous student business organizations in order to further students’ growth beyond his Warrington Welcome course. His greatest advising innovation since being a part of the Heavener School of Business has been the implementation of the Heavener Leadership Challenge in 2013. The HLC focuses on developing a common foundation of leadership understanding for selected students each semester. Mr. Sullivan’s holistic approach to advising has made him a valued advisor, and has enabled him to push students to their far-reaching accomplishments. “I make a concerted effort with each student to learn more about their dreams, visions, and goals, and how their involvement in the University of Florida community can help them achieve their future plans,” he said.