gia nardini, max dolinsky
Gia Nardini and Max Dolinsky were recognized for their outstanding work in the classroom, and received Warrington's Spring 2016 Ph.D. Teaching Award.

Doctoral students recognized for exemplary teaching

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Max Dolinsky and Gia Nardini were honored with the College’s Spring 2016 Ph.D. Teaching Award.

The award, presented by the Center for Teaching, Learning & Assessment and selected by the Warrington Teaching Committee, recognizes outstanding graduate student teaching and instructional innovation. The selection process gauges the effectiveness of teaching practices, measures engagement, and evaluates student learning experiences. Nominees are provided with detailed feedback and consultation to enhance their teaching and prepare for their upcoming career searches.

Dolinsky is a fifth-year doctoral student pursuing a Ph.D. in Finance. He taught the undergraduate course Equity and Capital Markets, which instructed students on how security markets function, what influences a stock’s rate of return, and how to develop investment strategies among other principles. Dolinsky, whose research interests include corporate finance, capital structure, international finance, and financial institutions and banking, has also instructed the undergraduate course Debt and Money Markets.

Prior to pursing his Ph.D., Dolinsky was an Analyst at Capital One Finance in Richmond, Va. He has both a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (2007) and an MBA (2011) from UF.

Nardini received her Ph.D. in Marketing in May, and was recently appointed an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business. During Spring 2016, Nardini taught the undergraduate course Consumer Behavior, which examines consumer behavior and market segmentation, and develops students’ communications and critical thinking skills.

Nardini, whose research focuses on hedonic experiences, received a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from UF in 2010.