Kelsey Noris and Harrison Porter
Kelsey Noris and Harrison Porter are Warrington's honorees at tonight's Impact Awards.

Heavener students making an impact

Kelsey Noris and Harrison Porter are both members of UF Enactus, a University of Florida student organization that aims to better the community through entrepreneurship.

Their contributions will be recognized tonight when they receive UF’s Impact Awards, sponsored by the university’s Center for Leadership and Service.

The Impact Awards are given annually to recognize and celebrate UF students, faculty and community organization leaders who have devoted themselves to leadership and service over the past year.

Noris, a third-year Business Administration student, won the Exemplary Service Partnership Award. The Exemplary Service Partnership Award recognizes collaboration between a student group and a community group to provide service or create positive social change. Noris partnered with Walgreens through Enactus’ Food for Thought program, which helps educate the community on nutrition, wellness and green landscapes.

Noris said the Food for Thought program is a unique community service project teaching kids the importance of nutrient and economic need.

“We are showing kids why it’s important to them and having them do most of the work,” she said. “We are changing people’s lives by getting them involved in the process.”

Porter, a fourth-year Accounting student, won the Distinguished Mentor Award, which recognizes a student who has shown dedication and innovation as a mentor. Porter served as the Director of Emerging Leader Development for Enactus this year where we mentored 27 new members.

Porter said that mentorship is about holding people accountable to the growth they desire. His personal mentorship mantra is allowing individuals to discover their own growth.

“Mentoring is about mutual investment in each other,” he said. “If I can listen and direct them, it’s more meaningful to them.”

Both students were excited to win the awards and be recognized for their service.

“It’s so surreal.” Noris said. “This is the stuff we care so much about, and it’s cool to be recognized because it means so much to us.”

Porter said that Enactus, which facilitated 10 community service projects this year, provides a comprehensive approach to professional development to its members. He said that Enactus allows students to take all of the different things they learn in the classroom and apply them to consulting, project management experience and community service.

“Enactus has totally shaped the direction of my career, and shown me that what I value a lot is improving the quality of life of others through business,” Porter said.

Porter said Enactus is beneficial to students because they can align themselves with companies and organizations they might want to work for in the future.

“You are aligning yourself with the corporate social responsibility trend of business that is not going away,” he said.

“Enactus is the one connection between business and community in Gainesville,” Noris said.

Lisa D’Souza, Warrington’s Director of Career and Leadership Programs, said this is the first time that Warrington students have applied for the Impact Awards.

“I think they’re gaining brand visibility for Enactus, especially Kelsey’s award that is a partnership award with Walgreens,” D’Souza said.

D’Souza said that Noris and Porter were great choices to receive the awards because of their dedication to their organizations and the community.

“Kelsey is very driven and goal-oriented,” D’Souza said. “She takes a lot of initiative when she identifies a need. Harrison has a genuine concern for everyone around him. No matter how busy he gets, he is always a people-first person.”

Noris said the biggest lesson Enactus has taught her is the power of teamwork.

“If you come in with that passion, everyone helps each other grow,” Noris said. “The ability to do it in such a unique way and learn with each other in the process is really cool.”