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Why this psychology major chose to pursue a Master of International Business

Sara Londono (MIB ’20) is an incoming Emerging Leader Associate at Paylocity. This recent graduate of the Master of International Business (MIB) program tells us more about what her future holds and how the experience she gained in the MIB program helped her get there. Q: Tell us about your background. Londono: “My name is Sara Londono, I am a second-generation Colombian, and I grew up in St. Augustine, FL. During my formative middle school years, my family and I

We Are Warrington | How do you stay motivated in the middle of a pandemic?

Kim Kaupe: The good news is I feel like because we’re not a consumer-facing brand, I feel like I could call the company like Monkey Butt and our clients know us. They know us as humans, not so much what the entity is called. Like I literally feel like we would call the entity anything and they’d be like, well. Andy Lord: Well, you can’t call it a Monkey Butt because there’s actually a product called Monkey Butt, so. –

First the cyberattack hits. Then the insider trading.

Andy Naranjo, John B. Hall Professor of Finance and Chairman of the Eugene F. Brigham Finance, Insurance and Real Estate Department, and Svetlana Petrova (Ph.D. ’20) share their striking evidence of pre-disclosure spikes in options trading in this story from Institutional Investor.

Alternative New Year’s Resolution: Focus on three key strivings instead of setting big goals

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – After a year like 2020, with so much turmoil, is anyone even making new year’s resolutions? It feels like it’s resolve enough just to carry on from day to day. And while this is a moment, if ever there was one, to give yourself a pass on a full-scale, full new year resolution, you can still have meaningful goals that can help you this year, says Trevor A. Foulk (Ph.D. ’17) an assistant professor of management and

We Are Warrington | Leading the way in fantasy sports

Andy Lord: Thanks for carving out some time. I know you gotta get to the gym here, I think. Cameron MacMillan: It’s almost 2 o’clock Central. You know my schedule. Lord: Yeah, it is. ‘We Are Warrington’ is a new podcast that helps young business leaders discover what is possible by highlighting stories from the Warrington College of Business Community about the University of Florida experience, business industry insights, innovative research, and more. I’m your host, Andy Lord. Today, I’m

Master of Science in Management helped this alumna’s career in human resources

Crystal Chiang completed her Master of Science in Management (MSM) in 2016. Now, she serves at JumpCloud as a People Operations Generalist. Read on to see how an MSM helped her career in HR.   Q: Please tell us your background. Chiang: “I graduated from UF with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2015 and graduated with a Master of Science in Management in 2016. I grew up in Miami and moved to Gainesville to attend UF, stayed in

10 top Warrington stories from 2020

2020 has been an interesting year, to say the least. From the loss of our beloved college namesake to a brand-new dean to an alumnus who accidentally emailed the entire university, it was a year filled with highs and lows, and kept us at the edge of our seats all 366 days (2020 had to be extra and also be a leap year). To recap all that happened at Warrington this year, we collected the top 10 most popular stories

2020 Alumni News Roundup

In 2020, Warrington College of Business alumni proved why they are difference makers, even during unprecedented times. With their eyes set on innovation and results, Business Gators around the world made a positive and robust impact on their businesses and in their careers. From being named among the 40 Gators Under 40, building successful businesses and stepping up to help others during the COVID-19 pandemic, read more about how Warrington College of Business alumni made an impact in 2020. Alumni

14 reasons the entertainment industry will look different in 2021

Warrington alumna and Rolling Stone Culture Council member Kim Kaupe (BA ’08) shares her insights as the Co-Founder of The Superfan Company on how everything from live music, to museums, to gaming will have to adapt to the changing times.  See what Kaupe thinks will change in 2021 in this story from Rolling Stone. 

How a high school four-putt planted the seed for one of golf’s hottest training aids

Oren Kantor (BSBA ’10, MSE ’11) suffered an indelible humiliation as a senior on his high school golf team. After hitting an overzealous first putt that sailed past the hole, followed by a subsequent stroke that was struck too timidly leaving himself three feet shy of the target, his yips continued with a lip out before he finally found the back of the cup on attempt number four. His team lost the match by one stroke. “But if Kantor, who went