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The vital component that truly elevates the Warrington College of Business into prominence is its talented faculty. UF Warrington’s faculty are world-renowned for their difference-making, thought-provoking and leading research and are consistently recognized in their industries and academia for their work, all of which you can read about here. See the most recent news about UF Warrington’s faculty and research below.

SPACs aren’t popping anymore as new deals flood the market, scrutiny increases

The first-day return of SPACs dropped to near 0% in March from 5.4% in February and 6.1% in January, according to Cordell Eminent Scholar Jay Ritter. See more of Ritter’s insights in this story from CNBC.

Short sellers are betting more against SPACs

Blank check funds are hot. Wall Street investors are increasingly betting against them. Cordell Eminent Scholar Jay Ritter comments on the exploding market in this story from CNBC. 

A lifetime of impact

Ask Jim Richardson’s former students about their professor, and they all rave about the same qualities. His lectures were engaging, his coursework helped them learn, and his career advice helped them make important decisions. But the one thing they all mention? The personal relationships he built that lasted long after their final exams. Richardson made sure that his classes were more than a box to check before graduation. They often turned into a lifelong bond between teacher and student. Richardson’s

10 business influencers you should follow right now

Looking for new sources of business inspiration and insights? Check out these recommendations for business influencers and why it’s beneficial for you to follow them, according to students, alumni, faculty and staff across the Warrington College of Business. 1. Barbara Corcoran @barbaracorcoran on Twitter @barbaracorcoran on Instagram “I recommend following Barbara Corcoran on Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok. Barbara posts a variety of content relating to business advice, encouragement, and hilarious business-related memes. Someone interested in entrepreneurship will definitely benefit from

Community banks a key resource for small businesses when crises arise

The American Rescue Plan, a $1.9 trillion stimulus package introduced by the Biden Administration, recently received Congress’ approval. The stimulus package, like its two predecessors aimed at providing relief for individuals and businesses hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic, includes another round of funding for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). The American Rescue Plan includes $7.25 billion for PPP loans as well as a number of changes to make it easier for the smallest of businesses to gain access to the

Coupang’s IPO takes Wall Street by storm but will labor issues hold it back?

South Korea’s e-commerce giant Coupang made a splash as it went public on the New York Stock Exchange, becoming the biggest foreign listing since Alibaba in 2014. With its blockbuster IPO, is Coupang the next Amazon in the making, or will domestic issues hold it back? Cordell Eminent Scholar Jay Ritter shares his IPO insights for this story from South Korea’s Arirang News. 

Flood of new SPAC listings overtake 2020’s total after only 3 months

“The pace of SPAC IPOs has been unsustainable,” Cordell Eminent Scholar Jay Ritter said in an interview. See all of what Ritter had to say in this story from S&P Global. 

The Booming IPO Market Shows No Signs of Slowing. What Investors Need to Know.

Research from Cordell Eminent Scholar Jay Ritter informs this story about how the market for new stocks is experiencing a moment of exuberance not seen in roughly 20 years. Read more in this story from Barron’s. 

Is user-generated content better off when user identity is revealed?

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – User-generated content (UGC) – from the photos and videos posted on social media to the product and service reviews shared on websites – is an increasingly important tool for companies looking to sell their goods and services. In recent years, the popularity of anonymous user-generated content has raised questions about the credibility of those photos, videos, blog posts and reviews. In order to bring about transparency, companies like Amazon have given users the option to share their

How do you stay motivated?

Some days are harder than others. Hard to get up in the morning, tackle your to-do list and get in a little exercise or family time. It’s in these challenging periods that you need to find a little motivation to keep progressing forward, but how do you do that? We Are Warrington podcast host Andy Lord ends every conversation with Warrington business leaders about what they do to stay motivated. See their top tips for motivation below and check out