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Read the latest news and research from University of Florida Warrington College of Business faculty, who are thought leaders in their respective fields and provide expert guidance in the classroom. Their research provides industry leaders and individuals with insights they can use in their careers and daily lives.

Tao Li

Do financial incentives drive the voting behaviour of ESG funds?

In a new paper, Bank of America Assistant Professor of Finance Tao Li studies whether ESG funds trade the long-term sustainability of portfolio companies for greater short-term financial performance, focusing on how these funds vote on ESG proposals at shareholder

Jay Ritter

IPOs are out of fashion. Here’s what companies are doing instead.

After Kellogg’s separation into two companies, Intel and BlackBerry are planning their own deals. While the current deal landscape on Wall Street remains low on M&A, initial public offerings (IPOs), and other transactions, corporate spinoffs are chugging along. With companies

Jay Ritter

SEC Sues Elon Musk To Enforce Testimony For Twitter Probe

Forbes’ story, which includes insights from Cordell Eminent Scholar Jay Ritter, highlights why Elon’s pressed about the SEC, the probe into his Twitter takeover and an intriguing rumor that could change the company’s path.

Jay Ritter

Anchors and small floats mark 2023’s IPO comeback

As the initial public offerings window finally reopens, companies taking the leap are leaning heavily on pre-roadshow marketing, anchor investors and small float amounts. Why it matters: Companies may be going public again, but they’re still cautious. Cordell Eminent Scholar

Jay Ritter

The stock market is building up to a major ‘buy’ signal

Research insights from Cordell Eminent Scholar Jay Ritter inform this story about how high interest rates aren’t going to keep stocks low much longer.  Read the full story from MarketWatch. 

Jay Ritter

Bill Ackman Wants to Take Elon Musk’s X Public. History Says It’s a Risky Move.

Bill Ackman, the hedge fund manager and activist investor, told The Wall Street Journal that he would be interested in a deal with Elon Musk’s X, formerly known as Twitter, to take part of the social media company public via his special

Brian Ray stands next to a priest, both in ceremonial garb.

Speaking with intention

In this feature of our Faculty Spotlight series, Dr. Brian Ray shares a key takeaway for students in his business ethics courses: speaking with intention. For Colonel Dr. Brian Ray, Director of the Poe Business Ethics Center, speaking with intention

Shopping online concept - Shopping service on The online web. with payment by credit card and offers home delivery. parcel or Paper cartons with a shopping cart logo on a laptop keyboard

How valuable are online product recommendations to consumers?

In today’s online world, third parties collect and store your browsing data at staggering rates. Third parties benefit greatly from this information, but do you get fair returns for sharing your data online? New research from the University of Florida

Jay Ritter

Kelly Evans: Boring IPOs are better IPOs

Arm’s IPO today is being met with skepticism for a reason. The company did used to be one of the hotter stocks in the market, back before Softbank – best known for wildly overpaying for WeWord – bought it and

Jay Ritter

Arm is trading at a premium to Nvidia after IPO pop even though it’s a ‘no-growth company’

For investors, the critical difference between Nvidia and Arm is the growth rate. Nvidia just reported a doubling of revenue in the latest quarter and forecast expansion of 170% this period, as all the major cloud companies ramp up spending