Chloe Stanton (BSBA ’22) | July 2022

Stanton (BSBA 2022) is a founding member of Abilitare, formerly BrainForce, a company that empowers the disabled by providing hands-free operation of phones and computers to those who cannot use their upper limbs through head-wearables (either glasses or earpieces) containing a gyroscope that tracks the user’s head movements, which then control a mouse on the user’s screen. 

Abilitare, a Gator Hatchery company, recently launched the “Ability Head Mouse Plus”, which is now available for pre-order. The company is also making the devices available through a donation campaign, where anyone can give in order to supply a device to users in need.

Abilitare won the 2021 Big Idea Gator Business Plan Competition from the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center.