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Rob Carter

Rob Carter (BSBA ’81) | May 2024

Carter (BSBA 1981) was recently elected Director of Quest Diagnostics’ Board of Directors.  Carter is Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer at FedEx Corporation, where he is responsible for setting the technology direction of the FedEx applications, infrastructure and

Fred DiMeo hugs his wife

Fred DiMeo (BSBA ’86) | May 2024

DiMeo (BSBA 1986) is President of the Frederick H. DiMeo Insurance Agency, Inc.  Residing in California, DiMeo returns frequently to visit family who still live in Florida. “Life is good,” he shared. “Thanks, UF.”

Charlie Render

Charlie Render (BSBA ’14, MS-ISOM ’15) | April 2024

Render (BSBA 2014, MS-ISOM 2015) is the owner and founder of Render Analytics. His company’s product ApplyGenie recently won a major tech start-up competition in Orlando, FL. Read more about ApplyGenie’s win in this story from the Orlando Business Journal. 

Lynn Maria Thompson author speaker in tiger jacket with cat

Lynn Thompson (BSBA ’79) | April 2024

Thompson (BSBA 1979) is serving in her second year as President of the Cat Writers’ Association (CWA), an international business association for communications professionals whose work focuses on cats. The organization encourages excellence in cat communications with an annual awards

Felice Klein

Felice Klein (BSBA ’03) | April 2012

Klein (BSBA 2003), Assistant Professor at Boise State University, recently had her research featured in Forbes Magazine. The research highlights that women are vastly underrepresented in CEO roles.  Read more about the research in this story from Boise State University. 

Business meeting, portrait and woman writing with team for planning, strategy and marketing idea in office. Design, collaboration and face of designer with notes for group project, vision and mission.

Five things to do with a management degree

Managers move a company forward. In their roles as team leaders or project coordinators, they unify employees and enable them to achieve a company’s goals. Students and professionals can gain the tools they need to manage effectively through the University

Tom Arnold

Tom Arnold (BSBA ’80, JD ’83, DBA ‘17) | April 2024

Arnold (BSBA 1980, JD 1983, DBA 2017) was recently appointed as the founding dean of the Patty Arvielo School of Business and Management at Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, California. He will begin on June 1.  As founding dean, Arnold

Young woman looking up while thinking about various things - books, money, diploma, ideas and love.

How much could you make if you major in business?

Selecting a major is an important decision for any student in college. The classes, extracurricular activities and internships you complete during this time will help set the stage for your post-graduation career. If business or any of its functions, such

Class Notes - General

Charles “Chuck” Ruffner (BSBA ’58) | March 2024

Ruffner (BSBA 1958) owns and practices in his own tax law firm in Miami. At 78, he is semi-retired. 

Dr. Michael Horwitz

Michael Horwitz (BSBA ’75) | March 2024

Dr. Horwitz (BSBA 1975) and his coin investigators were recently awarded a seeded grant from the Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship at NSU to study the relationship of authentic leadership and organizational outcomes in the gig economy. This study