In Memoriam | August 2023

Jack Wilson | BSBA ’57 | 1929-2023 | Wilson, of Woodstock, Georgia, passed on July 14. After completing his service in the military, he earned his undergraduate degree from UF and experienced a successful career as a mortgage banker. He was an avid outdoorsman, enjoying both playing golf and building golf clubs.

James Ferger | BSBA ’69 | 1946-2023 | Ferger, of Fort Myers, Florida, passed on January 26. He earned his undergraduate degree from UF.

Marvin C. Harden, III | BSBA ’75 | 1953-2023 | Harden, of Jacksonville, Florida, passed on August 14. After graduating from UF, he took over his father’s business and expanded it into one of the Southeast’s most prominent independent insurance brokerage and consulting firms. In 2020, he sold the firm to A.J. Gallagher & Co. He also dedicated much of his time and expertise to support critical needs in his community. Everywhere he went, he shared his pride in his children and their achievements and enjoyed taking his family on vacations to locations such as Sea Island, where he and his wife were married.

Richard Boyd | MBA ’82 | 1954-2023 | Boyd, of St. Petersburg, Florida, passed on August 17. He served in the military for over 27 years and was awarded many medals for his service. Through his deployment, he traveled the world, even visiting Antarctica. While in the military, he earned his graduate degree from UF and used his degree to modernize divisions of the Drug Enforcement Administration, working as chief of their registration program. When he retired, he built a cabin in Georgia and enjoyed spending time there with his family.

Connie J. Hawthorn | MBA ’84, MHS ’84 | 1950-2023 | Hawthorn, of Sioux City, Iowa, passed on August 12. After earning her MBA and Master of Health Science degrees from UF, she went on to become the CEO of four hospitals across the Southeastern states. Before retiring, she also served as Director of Imaging at a hospital in Florida. When she retired, she took up CrossFit and thrived in the active community she found there.

Miles Mixson | MBA ’88 | 1935-2023 | Mixson, of Topsham, Maine, passed on August 4. In addition to his graduate degree from UF, he also earned a graduate degree in operation analysis from the United States Naval Academy. He served in the military for most of his career, and also worked as a flight instructor between combat tours. He received numerous awards for his service and his gold aviator’s wings.